Right data package

Working out how much data you need is probably the hardest part of getting a new phone. That’s why we made finding the right data plan for you one of the main parts of our new Pin Point system in store. When you shop with us online, though, you don’t have one of our great customer consultants with a Pin Point tablet to help you out. So here’s our guide to working out how much data you need.

What do you do online with your phone?

The first thing you need to do is think about what you use your phone for on a typical day. Do you just read the news in the morning and check emails through the rest of the day? Or do you stream music on your morning commute and jump on Netflix during your lunch break?

How much data do these things use?

To start working out how much data you use, you need to know how big of a drain your daily activities are. Have a look at the table below. It shows you what you could do each month with different data allowances. Just remember, the numbers aren’t inclusive. You can’t send 71,400 emails and watch a feature length movie on Netflix when you’ve got a 500MB data allowance. But you can mix it up and watch a 30 minute programme and still send 47,000 emails.

As you can see, casual browsing and emails don’t use much data at all. But as soon as you start listening to music or watching videos you can use your entire data allowance very quickly.

How much data do you need table

How much more data will you use in the future?

So now you’ve got an idea of how much data you use at the moment, you need to think about how you’ll use your phone in the future. During a two year contract, the average person ups their data usage by 150 per cent as new apps and services come out. Two years ago, hardly anyone would have thought of going on Netflix on their phone, but now trains are full of people catching up on TV they’ve missed. It’s a really good idea to over estimate how much data you’ll use as going over your allowance, even by a small amount, can result in high charges from your network.