Smart Pause on the Samsung Galaxy S4What does it do?

Following on from firm favourites Smart Stay and Smart Rotate, Smart Pause is one of the new features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 that enables the phone to automatically pause videos that are playing on the screen. When the feature is turned on, the phone will be able to recognise when you’re looking at the screen and when you’re not. Look away and the video you’re watching will be paused. Look back and it’ll start right back up again.

What is it for?

No one likes to miss even a second of their favourite programmes, videos or movies, which is where the Samsung Galaxy S4′s Smart Pause feature comes in. Smart Pause is perfect if you’re forever being called away or like to do two things at once, but don’t want to keep missing things. So, if you’re cooking while watching your favourite soap, the minute you need to go check the oven, your S 4 will pause the action. If you’re watching the football highlights but your work phone is ringing every 4 minutes, you won’t miss a goal. When you’re trying to watch a movie but the kids keep running in saying they’ve kicked the football over the fence, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will pause it when you look away. Or if you’re catching up with the latest trending viral videos on YouTube™ but your friends are constantly trying to talk to you, you won’t miss the moment all hell breaks loose! And yes, you read correctly, it works with video streaming, so YouTube™ will work with Smart Pause too.

How does it work?

You’ll find the Smart Pause option in the Settings menu under Smart settings. When it’s turned on the front facing camera works with some special software to recognise the moment you turn your head away from the screen. Your video will be paused, so you won’t miss any of what you’re watching. It also means you won’t have to hit the pause button every time you need to take a short break. When the camera sees you’re facing the screen again it starts the video back up. Just remember that, because Smart Pause uses the front facing camera, you’ll need to have your face in some light, otherwise the camera won’t be able to pick up your features properly.