Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Part camera, part smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is an impressive hybrid.

The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is here. The advanced camera-smartphone hybrid is a big improvement over last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom thanks to a better camera and sleeker design. We’ve answered some of your questions about this innovative new gadget to help you decide if it will be the perfect replacement for your phone and camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom a good compact camera?

We think the K Zoom could easily replace a compact camera. The photos it takes are really sharp because of the 20MP sensor and optical image stabilisation, which holds all the camera parts steady even if your hands are shaking. Then there’s the 10x zoom lens that’s great for getting close up shots, even if you’re not actually close.

It’s also got loads of camera modes that help you get the perfect photo in any situation. And its Auto Mode is really smart so you can easily take a great photo without having to change any of the settings.

We also really like the fact that you can share you photos more easily than you can with a camera. It’s 4G ready and has apps for everything, so you can post pictures to Facebook or Instagram really quickly.

Is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom a good smartphone?

This year, HTC has upped the megapixel count on the One Mini 2. You now get a 13MP camera, compared to a 4MP one last year, which is great for zooming in on your photos and generally helps the sharpness. You also get new features, like setting the make-up level when you’re shooting a portrait, which is meant to touch up photos like the pros do on Photoshop. We really like the new camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom easy to use?

Yes. As a phone the K Zoom is as easy to use as any Android smartphone. Everything can be ordered and arranged how you like by tapping and dragging app icons and widgets. That makes it really easy to find and use your favourite things. And as a camera, you can quickly and easily take photos because the Auto Mode is so good. So all you have to do is point and shoot, the K Zoom will do all the rest.

How useful is Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?

It’s great if you’re running low on power and know that you’ll need to make a phone call or send a text before you can get to a charger. It limits all your connections, like internet, Bluetooth and GPS, and also cuts down of the apps that you can use to just the essentials, which lets just 10 per cent charge last for up to 24 hours. But unfortunately, you can’t use the camera in Ultra Power Saving Mode.

What is Pro Suggest on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?

There’s two parts to Pro Suggest. First, it’s a camera mode for the K Zoom that suggests settings based on the photo that you’re about to take. You just need to half press the shutter button and it’ll pop up with the suggestions to try and make your photo look perfect. The second part is a market place where other people can upload their K Zoom photos and you can download the settings they used if you particularly like their photo. It’s a really good way of giving your photos a unique, professional look.

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