Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha in blue (available exclusively at Carphone Warehouse)


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first Samsung smartphone that’s really designed for style. But it’s still got all the incredible power and advanced features that we expect from the world’s biggest phone maker.

does the samsung Galaxy Alpha look good?

The Galaxy Alpha doesn’t look like most other Samsung phones. It’s been built around a metal frame so it feels more premium. And we love that it’s incredibly thin and has uniquely-shaped corners. It makes the phone feel even better in your hand. And the colour options are great. It comes in charcoal black, dazzling white, frosted gold, sleek silver and scuba blue, with the scuba blue only available at Carphone Warehouse.

is the Camera on the samsung galaxy alpha sharp?

At 12MP, there may be phones with more megapixels out there, but it’s all you need when the hardware that powers it is so good. Photos look really bright with beautiful colours. And you can easily apply effects, like background blur, to make your pictures unique.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha good for Entertainment?

The 4.7 inch screen is smaller than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but bigger than the one on the S5 mini. We think that gives it a brilliant balance between being compact enough to use one-handed for games like Candy Crush, and big enough to enjoy movies. And it’s HD so things look sharp and clear.Carphone Warehouse want this phone banner

How’s the samsung galaxy alpha for work?

Google Drive and Dropbox make it easy to grab files from your computer remotely. And there’s no shortage of storage space as Drive comes with 15GB free and Dropbox has a massive 50GB. Samsung’s calendar is also really easy to use making it great for keeping on top of events and meetings.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha man on phonewhat’s Battery life like on the samsung galaxy alpha?

We were concerned about the 1,860mAh battery. But amazingly, despite the phones huge power, the battery still lasts really well.

what Unique Features are on the samsung galaxy alpha?

The built in fingerprint scanner is really useful. It makes the phone more secure and easier to unlock. And it can be used to make secure payments through PayPal, with more apps planning to make use of it soon.