LG G3 takes on the LG G2

LG G3 takes on the LG G2

Last year, the LG G2 blew us away with its great design, fantastic screen and unbelievable performance. But now LG says it’s improved on every one of those stand out features with the LG G3, and thrown in some other revolutions to complete the package. So we’ve gone hands on with the LG G3 to see how it stacks up against the LG G2 and now we’re answering some of your questions.

Is the screen noticeably better on the LG G3?

The screen on the LG G2 is fantastic, so LG has had a tough job trying to top it this year. The Quad HD resolution on the LG G3 does give you a sharper image, but you have to look closely to notice it. And colours are incredibly similar with both screens producing very bright, yet natural tones.

How is the battery life on the LG G3 compared to the LG G2?

Amazingly, despite the huge Quad HD screen resolution and the extra processing power, the LG G3 actually has a slightly better battery life. When the G2 came out, it was lasting more than two days between charges. And the G3 looks to have stretched that a little further to give you a few more hours of use.

How has the laser autofocus and other camera improvements helped the LG G3?

The laser autofocus means you can take photos faster than ever – perfect for unexpected moments. That’s because the phone focuses faster than you can blink. And because you tap anywhere on the screen to shoot, you can take photos even faster.

The G3′s camera also has optical image stabilisation plus (OIS+), which helps keep the camera steady even if you’re moving so you don’t get any motion blur. All that, plus new software means you can take some really good photos really easily.

Is the LG G3 nicer and easier to use?

Yes. In fact, the whole phone has been designed with simplicity in mind. LG has completely redesigned its software, making the LG G3 look much more modern and tidier, so it’s easier to find what you need. And with Knock Code, it’s really easy to keep your phone secure. You just tap the screen in a special pattern and it’ll unlock. There are more combinations than there are for PINs and you don’t leave a mark like with pattern lock.

Does the LG G3 look much better than the LG G2 in real life?

We love the look of the new G3. Like the G2, the front is almost all screen so looks fantastic. And now the back has a brushed metal finish that looks premium. Plus that back cover is gently curved to make it fit perfectly in your hand. The whole phone looks sleek and stylish.

Is the Quick Circle case for the LG G3 better than the Quick Window case for the LG G2?

Both cases do the same job. They both protect your phone and its screen while letting you use it to take calls, read texts and check notifications. But the Quick Circle Case for the LG G3 has a few extra features. You can check LG Health, the new app that counts your steps and helps you track your fitness. And you can make calls, not just receive them.