HTC One mini 2

The HTC One mini 2 has the same beautiful design of its big brother in a smaller package.

The HTC One Mini 2 is now available so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this new phone to help you decide if this is the mini phone for you.

How good is the 5MP front facing camera on the One Mini 2?

Having a 5MP camera on the front of the One Mini 2 is great for taking sharp selfies. But it’s not just the size of the photos that makes this front facing camera great. It’s got a really wide angle lens so you can fit more friends into your selfies. And there’s a timer, so you can tap the screen and then get a proper grip on the phone again so you can hold it steady. It’s the same camera that’s on the new One (M8), so it’s the best front facing camera we’ve tested yet.

That makes it easy to hold, as does the ‘floating arc design’. This is the beautiful curved back that’s carefully shaped to fit nicely in your hand. And to top off this excellent style, there’s a brushed aluminium finish that gives it a really modern look.

How’s the main camera different from the one on the One Mini?

This year, HTC has upped the megapixel count on the One Mini 2. You now get a 13MP camera, compared to a 4MP one last year, which is great for zooming in on your photos and generally helps the sharpness. You also get new features, like setting the make-up level when you’re shooting a portrait, which is meant to touch up photos like the pros do on Photoshop. We really like the new camera.

How good are the BoomSound stereo speakers?

BoomSound speakers are something we’ve seen on a lot of HTC phones in the last year and they’ve always been great. The ones on the new One Mini 2 seem to be better than ever. The stereo speakers give really clear sound quality. And while their size means they aren’t as loud as the ones on the One (M8), they’re still loud enough for movie-watching or playing music in the park with friends.

How does the HTC One Mini 2 compare to the HTC One (M8)?

The One Mini 2 and the One (M8) look very similar. The back of the Mini 2 has the same smooth, curved design with a brushed metal finish that gives it a premium look and feel. They’re also pretty similar to use, with the same Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Sense 6 software making the Mini 2 easy to use. And that means you still get BlinkFeed, so all your social network updates and news can be seen on one stylish homepage.

How does the HTC One Mini 2 compare to the HTC One Mini?

The new One Mini 2 feels like a completely new phone compared to last year’s One Mini. The new design is really nice and manages to improve on the beautiful One Mini. And on the inside there are a lot of great upgrades. The software’s newer, making things run more smoothly. And there’s a new processor that makes everything a little quicker and gives you a longer battery life. Plus the screen’s nicer. It has the same HD resolution but HTC has managed to improve the quality to make everything look much better.