If it’s almost upgrade time, you must be excited! You might be a little unsure about how upgrading works, and if so, this could be the article for you. We answer the most common upgrade questions.

Upgrading tips

How do I know when it’s time to upgrade?

You can upgrade at the end of your contract, but sometimes it’s hard to remember when that date is. Use our Upgrade Checker to see if you can upgrade right now. We also have an Upgrade Reminder Service . This is an easy way to get reminders at upgrade time. We’ll find out your upgrade date and contact you when it’s upgrade time.

Can I upgrade early?

Yes. We can often upgrade you before your current contract ends. How early depends on your current network. To check how early you can upgrade, visit our Help site.

What happens when I upgrade early?

This depends on how early you are upgrading. Often there’s no fee to upgrade, you just begin paying your new contract amount and enjoying your new phone. Sometimes there is a small fee, normally if you’re upgrading at the earliest possible moment. When you upgrade early, the time left on your old contract is added to your new contract. So, if you upgrade one month early, and you begin a new 24 month contract, your new contract will actually end 25 months after you begin your new one.

What phones can I pick?

Practically anyone you want! Carphone Warehouse has the widest choice of phones around, and we have upgrade deals on almost all of them, across all the networks.

Do I need to talk to my network before upgrading?

No. We can tell you when you can upgrade, and can often upgrade you early. We can also do the upgrade completely on our own, without having to contact your network. You may want to check with your network what deal they’ll offer. If they can beat our deal, our Upgrade and Save Price Promise kicks in. It means we’ll match their upgrade deal and pay your first month.

Can I upgrade through Carphone Warehouse if I didn’t buy my phone and contract from you?

Yes. As long as it’s time for your upgrade, we can sort it out.

Can I keep my number?

Yes. If you’ve already got a contract and are upgrading, we’ll automatically swap your number to your new contract. If you’re using a phone on Pay as you go and want to upgrade to a contract, you’ll need to get your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). Your network will be able to give this to you, so just give them a quick phone call. Take a look at this article to find out more about PACs and keeping your number.

Do I need to pass a new credit check to upgrade?

No. However, your old credit check might affect the deals you can upgrade to. For example, if your previous credit check limited you to less expensive contracts, you might not be able to upgrade to the most expensive tariffs this time around.

Step by step, what happens when I upgrade?

First, you’ll need to know when you can upgrade. Use our Upgrade Reminder Service to get a reminder, or use ourUpgrade Checker to see if you can upgrade right now.

Then, choose your phone, and find a contract that suits what you need. Or, find the contract first, then look at the phones that are available.

After that, put in your details so we can check your old contract and use your existing bank details to set up your new one.

Confirm your delivery address, and we’ll deliver your phone and SIM to your door!