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Once you’ve chosen a phone you may think that all of the big decisions have been made, but picking the right network is just as important. Mobile networks may seem similar, but they can vary massively in what they offer you.

The new alliance of Orange, T-Mobile and EE can be confusing, so we’ve broken it down for you, helping to pair you with a network that will satisfy your needs.


Best For: 4G

EE is the UK’s first 4G network, delivering ultra-fast broadband speeds on compatible phones such as iPhone 5, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S5 . If you don’t opt for 4G , it also has the UK’s largest 3G network with the most coverage. Created in the merger between Orange and T-Mobile, all of EE’s tariffs come with unlimited free calls and texts, as well as access to free Wi-Fi on the London underground and any BT Wi-Fi hotspot. Like Orange, EE also offers 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays via EE Film.


Best for: Variety of deals

If you’re looking for a specific kind of deal, there’s a good chance T-Mobile might have just the thing. As an EE-owned brand, T-mobile customers get access to the UK’s largest 3G network and there are useful options to add free texts or calls depending on how you use your device. Best of all, if you’re worried about running up a shock bill, T-Mobile’s You Fix plans will limit your maximum monthly spend and keep your mind at rest.


Best for: Bonus extras

If it’s the little extras that you care about, Orange is known for offering the best deals and freebies. As well as 2 for 1 cinema tickets on a Wednesday, if you choose a ‘Swappables’ plan you can also gain free access to The Times, Deezer and Sky Sports Mobile. While it doesn’t offer unlimited data under any of its tariffs, Orange is part of the UK’s biggest 3G network along with parent company EE.