What does it do?

The Dual Camera feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 lets you take photos and record videos using the front facing camera and the rear camera at the same time. It also means you can display both shots on the same image for a photo-in-photo effect. Fancy making the front facing image larger, in a different place or in a different style? You can change all that in seconds. How about a video? Dual Camera lets you record movies too.

What is it for?

How many times have you not been in a photo because you were taking a shot? Now it’s no problem. It’s perfect for some comedy shots too – you can take a shot of your mates and have your face in the corner as if it’s a stamp. Remember it can be used to record videos too. Imagine you’re on a roller coaster or a road trip. You and a friend can fit in the front camera space and you can see what’s going on that’s making you scream. Or, flip it around so you’re in the rear camera main view, and it’s you screaming or going over a loop-the-loop and the scene is in the front camera’s view! The possibilities go on and on.

How does it work?

First, fire up the camera. Now just tap the Dual Camera icon on the right hand side of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The front facing camera will pop right up. Now just touch the front camera’s image on the screen and you can move it around and resize it however you want. Fancy a new theme? Tap the arrow on the left of the screen and the themes pop up. You can have a stamp frame, a blurred outline frame and many more.Dual Camera Samsung Galaxy S4