If you’re in a job where you’re always on the go, you’ll know how important it is to have a great phone. So we’ve compared the most productive smartphones, like the BlackBerry Passport and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, to come up with this list of the best phones for work.

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport best phones for workBlackBerry phones have been an essential work accessory for the last 10 years thanks to their QWERTY keyboards and high security. And the BlackBerry Passport is no different. Its QWERTY keyboard is perfectly designed to make typing easy. And it’s easy to move around the phone and the internet as the keyboard doubles as a track pad.

The downside, its super-wide screen makes the phone a big square, which is great for reading documents, but makes it almost impossible to use one handed. That could be a problem if you have to stand on a commuter train and respond to an email.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 best phone for workThe S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Note 4 is a fantastic innovation. It lets you easily take quick hand written notes that the phone then turns into typed text. You can even jot down a person’s phone number or email and send them a message instantly without needing to type their details in again.

But because the Note 4 has so many features, it can feel a bit overwhelming to use at first. So you’ll need to take some time getting used to the menus and everything this phablet can do.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung-Galaxy-Alpha-best-phones-for-workSecurity and style rolled into one slim phone that’s easy to carry in your hand all day. The Galaxy Alpha will keep all your work documents safe with its fingerprint scanner and its sleek aluminium frame looks sharp in any situation. And because of its small size, it’s comfortable to hold and work on.

Of course, the smaller screen size means you get a slightly smaller keyboard, which could be a little fiddly to use if you need to send a long email or edit a Word document.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia-Lumia-1520-best-phones-for-workWe love working on the enormous screen of the Lumia 1520. It gives loads of space for a big keyboard and you can easily read long documents on it. Plus, with Microsoft office and One Drive built in, you can easily create and edit documents or grab work stuff from the cloud while on the move.

But this is one of the biggest phones on the market, so you’ve got to have big pockets and be prepared to be a little weighed down if you want to make the most of this brilliant phablet.