Nokia Lumia 530 front and back, black, green, orangeIt’s time for kids to go back to school. So, whether you’re looking for your next phone to impress your friends, or need to find something that’s just right for your son or daughter, here are the best back to school phones.

Nokia Lumia 530

Colours available: Black, green, orange, yellow (due October 2014)

The great thing about Nokia smartphones is that they come with loads of free apps. MixRadio is a free internet radio, with hundreds of thousands of tracks. HERE Maps gives maps for practically any country in the world, and they’ll work offline, perfect for school trips. For homework, checkout the preinstalled Microsoft Office. And for fun there’s 300,000+ apps like Facebook and Instagram, and a really impressive 5MP camera.

Huawei Ascend Y330 Coral, blue, black, whiteHuawei Ascend Y330

Colours available: Coral, white and purple (these 3 colours are exclusive to Carphone Warehouse) blue, black

Huawei phones are always really well built and great value, which is exactly what we love about the Y330. It has a nice big screen at 4” for YouTube clips and photos, and a really zippy processor. A processor is like an engine for a phone, letting it play better games, use bigger apps and stream TV programs. And with a microSD card slot (card sold separately) there’s lots of space for photos, apps and everything in between.



BlackBerry 9720 blue, pink and purpleBlackBerry 9720

Colours available: Blue, pink and purple all exclusive to Carphone Warehouse

If typing’s important, BlackBerry has you covered. The QWERTY keyboard on BlackBerrys has been trusted by school kids for years, and the 9720 has one of the best ones we’ve used. Nice a small so the phone isn’t too cumbersome, it’s still really easy to type fast. The 5MP camera makes it even better for things like Facebook. The 9720 also shows all of your notifications, updates and texts in one place, so it’s easy to keep track of busy social lives.



LG L20 front, white and blueLG L20

Colours available: black, white/pink and white/blue

The LG L20 is a great little first smartphone. It’s nice and simple to use, partly because the software, Android KitKat 4.4, is new. Once you’ve got used to it though, there are loads of personalisation options and features to explore. Something we’re really impressed with is the dual core processor, the part of the phone that lets it play games. It’s a really good processor for the price, so you can enjoy all of the 1 million apps and games in the Play Store.