Summer holidays are here, and if you’re heading away, check out our favourite apps to help you make the most of your trip.

Skyscanner Skyscanner

Android | BlackBerry | iOS | Windows Phone

Skyscanner compares thousands of airlines to find you the cheapest flight. It’s really easy to use, works in seconds and lets you do detailed searches so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It should be your first stop for saving money on your summer holiday.




Android | BlackBerry | iOS | Windows Phone

If you love to experience local food when you’re in another country, you want to download Foodspotting. You and other Foodspotters review local restaurants and dishes, letting you find the best pizza place in Florence or the best restaurant to get crispy duck in Beijing.



Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Kayak has hotels, flights and even car rental deals so you can plan and book your entire holiday from one app. And it stores all your flight information and gives you reminders so you won’t miss your flight. The best bit is that you can tell it places that you want to go to and if the price drops, it’ll let you know.



Pin DropPindrop

Android | iOS

Plan where you want to visit before you go on holiday with Pin Drop and you can leave all the guide books and maps behind. It lets you mark where places you want to go are on Google Maps so you can find them really easily. And if you mark your hotel too, you’ll never get lost.


Trip itTripIt

Android | BlackBerry | iOS | Windows Phone

TripIt is a fantastic app that automatically creates your travel itinerary. It checks your emails and automatically puts your flights, hotel reservations and anything else to do with your holiday into the app. And as you book more for your trip, it’ll keep updating itself.