It’s been just nine months since we last created a list of the best camera phones, but because mobile technology advances so quickly, none of the devices from that list have survived on this one. So let’s take a look at which smartphones take the best photos right now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 product shot

Samsung Galaxy S6

With a big 16MP image sensor, optical image stabilisation to keep the camera steady, and an ultra-wide angle lens that lets in more light, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an awesome camera phone. Photos are pin sharp, brightly coloured and full of fine detail in both bright spots and shade. And you can launch the camera and take a shot in just 0.7 seconds, faster than any other phone.

Sony Xperia Z3 product shot

Sony Xperia Z3

If you like taking photos while on a night out, the Sony Xperia Z3 is the camera phone for you. The photos it takes in dim conditions are so bright that you’ll be sure the flash went off. But the Z3 doesn’t need the flash, which saves battery and means you don’t blind your friends. This incredible performance is probably down to the phone’s BIONZ image processor, which is so powerful that Sony uses it in its top digital cameras.

HTC One M9 product shot

HTC One M9

The new HTC One M9 takes huge 20MP photos. These detailed shots can then be edited using a powerful suite of tools built into the phone. That means you can effortlessly create stunning, unique images that’ll really impress your friends. And round the front, HTC has used its unique UltraPixel technology to create a top selfie camera. UltraPixels let in about three times more light than normal ones, making photos brighter and more detailed.

HTC Desire EYE

HTC Desire EYE

If you’re a big selfie fan, the HTC Desire EYE is the camera phone you want. This slim smartphone squeezes an image sensor that you’d normally find on the back of a phone onto the front. In fact, the 13MP front camera is exactly the same as the one on the back. That means all your selfies are really sharp with loads of detail. And there are loads of unique selfie modes that’ll let you take amazing photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 takes some of the best photos here, but its real standout feature is that the big screen and unique S Pen stylus make editing your shots super simple. The S Pen gives you really fine control and the Quad HD display lets you see exactly what you’re doing.