5 best camnera


For years we’ve seen camera phones competing to squeeze in the most pixels. But now phone makers are looking to other technologies to make their cameras better, like image stabilisation, image processors and lenses. That means different phones are best for different types of photos. So we’ve compared the top camera phones to find the best one for your favourite shots.


Best phone for night photos – Sony Xperia™ Z2

If you like taking photos while on a night out, the Sony Xperia™ Z2 is the phone for you. The photos it takes in dim conditions are so bright that you’ll be sure the flash went off. But the Z2 doesn’t need the flash, which saves battery and means you don’t blind your friends. This incredible performance is probably down to the phone’s BIONZ image processor, which is so powerful that Sony uses it in its top digital cameras.

Best phone for selfies – Huawei Ascend P7

We love taking selfies, especially with the 8MP front facing camera on the Huawei Ascend P7. This slim smartphone squeezes an image sensor that you’d normally find on the back of a phone onto the front. That means all your selfies are really sharp with loads of detail. And you can even take selfie panoramas, so if you’re with a big group of friends, everyone can get in the shot.

Best phone for sports photos – Samsung Galaxy S5

Whether you’re watching England play Italy in Brazil this summer or cheering on your kid in their Sunday league match, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the perfect phone for taking photos of sports. That’s because it has an advanced type of autofocus that lets the camera focus as fast as you blink. So you can get really sharp photos of fast moving things, like the ball being kicked or your kid running.

Best phone for printing photos – Nokia Lumia 1020

If you want to print the photos you take, then you want to use the 41MP camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020. On the face of it, Nokia just threw pixels at the camera to make it better, but the huge sensor is backed up by other great stuff. There’s optical image stabilisation to counter shaky hands and a Xenon flash to brighten any scene. The size and quality of the photos you’ll take with the Lumia 1020 make them perfect for printing.

Best phone for sharing photos – HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M8) has a camera that’s designed to compete with all the others in this list. But amazingly it does it with just a 4MP sensor, so the photos it takes are relatively small. That makes them perfect for sharing on Facebook or Twitter. You get such great quality from a small image because HTC uses something called UltraPixel technology, which means each pixel is about three times bigger than normal. That lets in more light so you get better colours and more detail.