Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has loads of cool new features.

1. Make 10% battery last 24 hours

Ultra Power Saving Mode is truly revolutionary. It turns your Galaxy S5‘s screen black and white and cuts all unnecessary functions – don’t worry, you get to choose what’s unnecessary – so a 10 per cent charge could last for 24 hours.

2. Use your fingerprint to make secure PayPal payments

Samsung has teamed up with PayPal so you can use the Galaxy S5′s fingerprint scanner instead of a password. It’s more secure and much faster.

3. Survive being dropped in water

The Galaxy S5 has been rated as waterproof with an ingress protection (IP) rating of 67. That means you can drop it in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes, so it’ll easily survive you spilling a drink on it.

4. Shoot 4K Ultra HD video

With a 16MP camera, the Galaxy S5 is powerful enough to record 4K Ultra HD video. It’s about four times sharper than 1080p Full HD, so you get hugely more detail.

5. Take sharp photos of fast moving objects

The Galaxy S5 has the fastest autofocus in any smartphone camera. In fact, it’ll focus as quickly as you can blink, meaning you can easily take sharp photos of fast moving objects.

6. Take clearer selfies

The 2MP front facing camera on the Galaxy S5 takes impressive selfies. And it can record in Full HD, so your video calls can feel even more personal.

7. Take a 128GB microSD card

The standard 16GB internal memory of the Galaxy S5 can be added to thanks to a microSD card slot. You can give the phone a massive 128GB of extra storage, taking the total to a huge 144GB!

8. Show HDR photos in the view finder before you take the shot

HDR photos are a great tool when there’s a lot of shadows around. And with the Galaxy S5, you can see exactly what your HDR photo will look like before you take it, a first for mobiles.

9. Automatically adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast in different lights

Seeing a phone screen outdoors when the sun is shining can be difficult. But that Galaxy S5 has the most intelligent screen on the market, so it automatically changes to make it easier to read depending on the lighting.

10. Adapt to different users

Kids Mode on the Galaxy S5 lets you give your kids a secure space on your phone, with limited apps, files and access to the internet. There’s also Easy Mode if you wanted to lend your phone to someone who isn’t great with technology.

11. Check your heart rate

There’s a heart rate monitor built into the back of the Galaxy S5 that can help you keep track of your general health and make the most of your workouts.