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If you’re thinking about getting a new tablet, ask yourself these questions first…
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13 December, 2017
From Samsung Galaxys to Google Pixels, we've rounded up some of the best tablets currently available from Currys.
30 November, 2016
Are you looking for a kid-friendly family tablet? Then you're in luck - we've rounded up a selection of the very best available. Check them out.
29 July, 2016
Are you looking for your first tablet, or perhaps one to replace your old one? Our top tablets for under £200 is a great place to start
20 May, 2016
Get the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact as a free gift with the Sony Xperia X...
4 April, 2016
If you're looking for a new tablet, or it's going to be your first, check out a couple of our favourites to whet your appetite...
20 May, 2015
What exactly is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids? Well, we've taken a look.
1 April, 2015
If you're in the market for a new tablet device, you'll want to check out our buying guide to find out what you really need
2 March, 2015
Today saw the start of MWC 2015 following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge and HTC One M9 last night.
2 March, 2015
Towards the end of last year, the Jolla Tablet was announced by the young Finnish mobile maker, Jolla. And today it’s on show at Mobile World Congress
2 March, 2015
This morning at Mobile World Congress, Sony unveiled the latest edition to its tablet family, the new Xperia Z4 10.1-inch slate.
7 January, 2015
Congratulations if you’re the lucky new owner of a smartphone or tablet. Hopefully you’ve managed to set it up without any problems, so now it’s time to think about the best apps to download.
18 December, 2014
There are many great tablets on the market at the moment. Here are our picks of the best of the best that you can buy and the key points of each.
7 November, 2014
If you want to truly test how tough a tablet is, give it to a kid. But you also need it to perform, so we took a few tablets for a spin to see how they fare.
6 November, 2014
It can be tough to keep kids occupied, but apps and games tend to do the trick. Here are some of the best games and apps to keep your little ones busy.
13 July, 2014
We're putting two new tablets to the test - the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and the smaller Tab 8.4 version of the device
28 February, 2014
The Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is a triumph of engineering with waterproofing, top tech specs and more, all crammed into a tiny frame