25 January, 2018
The smartwatch that’s a personal fitness coach on your wrist…
8 February, 2017
A team of researchers publish results on long-term experiment looking into whether smartwatches could detect and monitor disease.
19 October, 2016
The latest smartwatch from Samsung comes in two stunning designs…
31 August, 2016
Samsung has unveiled their new Gear S3 smartwatch, which was less about the features, and more about creating a smartwatch that really looks like a watc
19 April, 2016
Springfield's favourite family has accurately predicted countless future events. In celebration of the show's 29th anniversary, here's the tech highlights
8 January, 2016
We investigate the best wearable technology to have shown up on the stands at CES 2016. From smartwatches to smartpatches.
7 January, 2016
The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 is an Android Wear smartwatch that can last a month between charges and survive in 50 metres of water.
6 January, 2016
Samsung has confirmed the Gear S2 smartwatch is still on track to get Samsung Pay and iOS support this year. Find out more here.
19 November, 2015
We asked one of The Lowdown’s reviewers to spend a week with the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.
29 October, 2015
Meet the second generation of Motorola's popular smartwatch, the Moto 360. Now available in two different sizes and all wrapped in metal.
2 June, 2015
Blocks is the Project Ara of wearables - a modular smartwatch that you can customise for your particular needs.
19 March, 2015
The BeaWarn child monitor is a connected wrist band that will put your mind at ease. It warns you when your kids stray too far away from you.
17 March, 2015
The Neptune Suite is a whole range of dumb accessories that make the Neptune Hub smartwatch a really useful wearable.
10 March, 2015
Wearables look set to be one of the big trends this year. Here are some of the most elegant smartwatches around
3 March, 2015
Everyone loves the style and quality of a Swiss watch. But that mark of quality is something that’s been lacking in smartwatches – until now.
3 March, 2015
Wearables are all the rage at Mobile World Congress. Here are some of our favourite wearables from day two of MWC.
2 March, 2015
Huawei has been busy at MWC. The Chinese company has just unveiled its first smartwatch, along with a couple of interesting and unique wearables
27 February, 2015
Mobile World Congress kicks off next week with wearables expected to make a strong showing. Here's a preview of what you can expect from MWC's wearables.
18 February, 2015
Wearables are everywhere these days - from smartwatches to fitness trackers - but the Neptune may just be the best yet
7 January, 2015
Last year, Sony made a splash with its SmartWatch 3. And this year, the company has refreshed it, giving it a stylish stainless steel strap.

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