The most elegant smartwatches


Wearables look set to be one of the big trends this year. Here are some of the most elegant smartwatches around
The most elegant smartwatches

The start of 2015 has seen a wave of premium, elegant smartwatches unveiled, and we couldn’t be happier. Having an expensive high tech wearable on your wrist is all well and good, but it should look as chic as a £300 wristwatch would. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the world’s most gorgeoussmartwatches.


Last month, LG showed off the LG Watch Urbane, a smartwatch that we thought would be the best looking around for quite some time. But at the start of this month, LG topped itself with the Watch Urbane LTE.

Its round face and relatively slim metal body make it look like a regular, premium watch. And the way its face smoothly blends into the strap and its three buttons on the side give it some extra design points.

Find out more about the LG Watch Urbane LTE.


With its new steel strap, the Sony SmartWatch 3 is one of the most refined full-featured smartwatches on the market. It looks like a cool digital watch, feels like a premium timepiece and works like a powerful smartwatch. It can even be used as a fitness tracker, monitoring all your activity to make sure you’re staying healthy.

Get the Sony SmartWatch 3 steel.


If you just want to use a smartwatch for notifications, then take a look at the beautiful MyKronoz ZeClock. At first glance, it just looks like a fashionable watch, but look closer and you’ll notice a small screen under the hands that shows information like who’s calling or texting you. And the three buttons on the side of the watch can be used as a remote control for your phone’s camera.

But what we like most is that the notification screen runs on a different battery to the watch. That meanseven if you run out of juice, you can still tell the time.

See more smartwatches from MyKronoz.


Fashion brand, Guess, has got in on the smartwatch game too. The Guess Connect takes the company’s most popular watch style and adds a small screen to the face that gives you notifications. That means you get a beautifully fashionable piece of jewellery that puts key information right on your wrist.

It also has a built in microphone so you can use your phone’s personal assistant (Siri or Google Now). And like the ZeClock above, it has two batteries so you can always tell the time.

See more of the Guess Connect.


The Huawei Watch looks incredibly modern with its perfectly round face, off centre crown and woven metal strap. Huawei phones might be known for being great value, but the Huawei Watch is truly premium. It has a sapphire crystal screen to stop it getting scratched and a stainless steel body with a brushed finish. And it packs all the features of a full smartwatch.

Find out more about Huawei’s new wearables.

Is there a smartwatch that grabs your eye more than these five? Let us know which you find best looking in the comments below.

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