Samsung Galaxy S8 hands on


Check out the awesome Samsung Galaxy S8, with it infinity display and 12MP camera...
Samsung Galaxy S8 hands on

Samsung Galaxy S8 – first Impressions

Normally, we take you through all the latest and greatest smartphones. However, the internet's Chicken Connoisseur has thankfully been able to clear some time in his busy schedule to give us his thoughts too...

And now we’ve had a few days to get familiar with all the new features, here are our thoughts about the top stuff you’re going to love.

Infinity Screen

The absolute stand-out feature of this new phone is the fantastic new infinity screen.

The long and narrow 5.8in (6.2in S8+) QHD+ display is the brightest, crispest screen yet. And it takes up most of the front of the phone, with just a tiny bezel at the top and bottom.

The screen is still curved, like the S6 edge and S7 edge before it, but because the screen is so large, you don’t notice it as much.

And it’s bright. Very bright. Definitely brighter than the S7, and quite possibly the brightest phone on the market. So bright in fact, you have to remember to turn down the brightness when you wake up, as it can be a little too much in the morning. But that’s when the handy Blue Light Filter is very helpful – which removes the blue and makes the screen more brown toned to help your sleepy eyes. While this feature is available on the latest S7 update too, it seems to work much better on the S8.

While the screen isn’t quite 4K, the colours and crispness of this display are remarkable, making watching movies, playing games, or even just sending a text message a beautiful experience.

How tall is too tall?

The larger phablet sized S8+ is pretty much the same width as last year’s S7 edge, but it’s quite significantly longer – 10.6mm to be precise. It makes for a phone that, initially, feels a little unusually tall. And there have been a few comments that people with trousers with shorter pockets have found the phone peeking out.

But for what you might lose in needing to invest in larger sized pockets, you more than make up for with the fact you can now watch 18:5:9 screen ratio content - as more and more studios are producing content this size. The big screen is brilliant.


You’ll find the fingerprint sensor in a rather odd place - on the back. It’s not particularly in the easiest to reach position, but that’s because the phones now have Iris recognition, which means you can unlock your phone using your retina.

Your iris’s are supposed to be much more unique than your fingerprint, so it makes the phone super secure.

The phone also has a facial recognition feature, but I found that a little difficult to use. I switched to iris, and I’m now thoroughly used to staring intensely at the scanner to get the phone to unlock. If you are used to opening your phone with your fingerprint, Iris takes a little adjustment to get used to, but it’s worth it in the end.

The Home Button and Android Assistant

Samsung have removed the physical home button, replacing it with an on screen button, that gives haptic feedback when you press it. So it weirdly feels exactly like a physical home button.

It’s an interesting new feature, but when you first get the phone, it’s set quite firm, so I’d recommend going into the settings and making it a little more touch sensitive.

If you hold down the home button, you’ll now access Android Assistant, Google’s rival to Android’s Alexa.

By saying ‘OK Google’ and a question, she’ll answer with helpful advice from Google’s search engine. And if you reply, she’ll continue the conversation.

Battery power

You can power up the 3,000mAh battery (3,500mAh for S8+) quickly using the new USB Type-C charger. The battery life is much better than before too. On the S8+, I found the phone lasting the whole day and night, something that didn’t really happen with my previous phones. It’s such a novelty to look at your phone and not feel a desperate need to be near a wall socket.

Have you got your hands on these new phones from Samsung? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’d like to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, head to your local Carphone Warehouse store, or visit

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