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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha
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Samsung Galaxy Alpha review


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first Samsung smartphone that’s really designed for style. But it’s still got all the incredible power and advanced features that we expect from the world’s biggest phone maker.


  • Very good looking phone with a stunning metal frame
  • Light and slim, easy to use with one hand
  • Fingerprint scanner adds security
  • Heart rate monitor makes it excellent forfitness
  • Impressive, colourful screen

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the perfect phone for anyone who loves to look good. It’s also handy for staying in shape, and if you need to keep anything secure, the fingerprint scanner will do the job perfectly.


The Galaxy Alpha doesn’t look like most other Samsung phones. It’s been built around a metal frame so it feels more premium. And we love that it’s incredibly thin and has uniquely-shaped corners. It makes the phone feel even better in your hand. And the colour options are great. It comes in charcoal black, dazzling white, frosted gold, sleek silver and scuba blue, with the scuba blue only available at Carphone Warehouse.


The 4.7″ screen is smaller than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but bigger than the one on the S5 mini. We think that gives it a brilliant balance between being compact enough to use one-handed for games like Candy Crush, and big enough to enjoy movies. And it’s HD so things look sharp and clear.


The built in fingerprint scanner is really useful. It makes the phone more secure and easier to unlock. And it can be used to make secure payments through PayPal, with more apps planning to make use of it soon.


Two things help the Alpha to be a great phone to help you get fit. First there’s the S-Health app. This tracks how far you’ve run or cycled, what food you’ve eaten and much more. There’s also a heart rate monitor on the back that lets it measure your heart rate, so it’s easy to check you’re putting in enough effort in your workouts.


Many of the higher end phones of 2014 have squeezed in larger batteries, so phones now last longer than ever. The Alpha has a relatively small battery, and while it means the phone is lovely and thin, you’ll be charging it daily.

The Alpha has lots of tricks and features, and this means it can be a little complicatedto get used to when you first start to use it. The settings menus are especially daunting. Given a couple of days, you’ll know your way around though.


With a variety of colours and it’s sleek look and feel, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a phone for people that like to look good and keep fit. It’s also got some nice tricks with a fingerprint scanner and a really impressive screen, especially when it comes to colours. If you can live with charging it every day and put aside a couple of hours to discover all the features, you’ll love it.

Want to see more on this unique smartphone? Check out our Samsung Galaxy Alpha video review.

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