Living with the Samsung Galaxy J5


We’ve spent a week with the Samsung Galaxy J5 and this is what we loved…
Living with the Samsung Galaxy J5

Day 1 – First taste of Android

Due to my love of all things Apple, the Samsung Galaxy J5 was the first Android device I had used (over a sustained period of time at least) in quite a while. A steep learning curve seemed to be in order….

When I received the J5, I was impressed both by the size and vivid nature of the display. The 5-inch Super AMOLED screen was not just bigger than what I was used to but also a lot brighter.

At first this took me aback slightly. But as my eyes adjusted to the screen through the day, I couldn’t help but be more and more impressed by the rich quality of the graphics.

The J5 felt extremely comfortable in my hand. The curved metallic edges were smooth to the touch, as was the plastic outer shell. Being super-slim and light, the J5 also fit into my pocket easily.

All in all, the first day of my phone-swap had gone pretty smooth.

Samsung Galaxy J5Day 2 – A spot of gaming

By day two I was growing more accustomed to the Android user experience, and simple things like setting an alarm or connecting to Wi-Fi were no longer taking an age.

Bolstered with confidence, I decided I would push the boat out and test out the display with some games.

The J5, as with many other Samsung devices, is ideal for gaming. The screen is both large enough and detailed enough to make game graphics really stand out. Quality-wise, there didn’t seem to be a huge difference between the J5 and a specialist handheld games device, which for a mid-range smartphone is very impressive indeed.

The major surprise was how well the battery lasted. I played for over an hour and there was still plenty of juice left in the phone’s battery afterwards. Even if it had got through more than I’d hoped, I could have used Ultra Power Saving Mode to conserve battery by shutting down non-essential parts of the phone.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I’d won every race on the game I was playing, so day two was a good day.

Day 3 – Camera play

The Samsung Galaxy J5 has a 13MP camera with a few nifty extras to help photos look their best.

At first I was fascinated by the Negative Mode, which makes everything look like it’s come out of some strange Sci-Fi movie. After the novelty had worn off though, I couldn’t really see how it added to the overall camera experience.

Apart from this small complaint, the rest of the camera was a smashing success. I loved the combination of the large screen and all of the effects listed on the side. It somehow made taking a photo feel more professional.

Day 4 – Working from home

On day four I worked from home and the J5 once again came into its own thanks to Google’s apps.

With quick access to Google Drive, Gmail, Hangouts and more, it was easy to access online documents and check messages, making my working day fly by hassle-free.

The phone’s fast enough for everything to run seamlessly with no lag at all. With smartphones increasingly being judged on how they handle both work and leisure, the J5 came up trumps.

I also thought the Smart Manager was a cool little feature. It lets you check your remaining battery, storage, RAM and security levels, and clean everything up with one tap for better performance.

Day 5 – Verdict

By the end of the week, I can honestly say the plucky J5 had gotten well and truly under my skin and had changed my opinion on larger screened phones.

Though it doesn’t have the same glamour as the Samsung Galaxy S6, the J5 did every job asked of it and did it well.

The display is highly detailed and vivid. The interface is seamlessly quick. The camera takes brilliant photos. And for a mid-range phone the Samsung Galaxy J5 looks pretty great, too.

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