Best photo editing apps


Our smartphone is our camera. Here are a few photo editing apps that The Lowdown regularly uses to try and put ourselves in the best possible light.
Best photo editing apps

For most of us, our smartphone is our camera. We love taking photos on them, and it’s not too difficult to come up with great looking images thanks to the advanced digital imaging technology that manufacturers are using.

And the great thing is that we can make our photos look even better after they’ve been taken. So before you post raw, uncensored footage of yourself onto Facebook, you might want to consider making a few improvements. Here are a few photo editing apps that The Lowdown regularly uses to try and put ourselves in the best possible light:


Android (FREE), iOS (FREE), Windows Phone(FREE)

A good entry-level choice with all the basics.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editing app that has everything you need for basic retouching and image manipulation, and a few extras beside. So as well as the ability to crop, straighten, rotate and remove red-eye, you can also remove any blemishes and spots that catch your eye. You can also choose from 20 filters to enhance your image and get the mood just right.


Android (FREE), iOS (FREE), Windows Phone (FREE)

Those vintage filters we all know and love.

Instagram is famous for its selection of filters that can give even the most mundane pics a refreshingly retro look and feel. But they’ve also got some advanced editing tools if you’re feeling more ambitious.

If you’re not completely happy with an individual filter, you can lessen or strengthen its effects. You can also adjust the colour intensity of each photo with warmth and saturation tools. And if you’re feeling ambitious, Instagram has a tilt-shift filter that allows you to manually apply blur effects to your images, for a professional look and feel (when it’s done well).


Android (£2.99), iOS (£2.99)

Because nobody’s perfect…

As you can probably guess by its name, FaceTune is all about the face. So if your photo library is packed with friends, family and endless selfies that you want to pimp up, you may have found your perfect match.

FaceTune’s user-friendly interface gives you the god-like power of removing zits, adding colour to grey hair, whitening teeth and removing lines and wrinkles. There are also tools for adjusting the lighting and focus of your pics, once your virtual cosmetic surgery is complete.


Android (FREE), iOS (FREE)

Special effects to remix your pics.

Repix is the perfect app for anyone wanting to add a touch of creativity into their pics. It comes with some great filters and all the editing tools you’d expect, but let’s not beat around the bush – this app is all about the special effects.

With Repix, you can paint effects directly onto your pictures with your fingertips (or by using your S-Pen if you’re a lucky Samsung Galaxy Note owner). Some of the effects that you can add include smoke, sparkle and even lens flare if you’re in a JJ Abrams kind of mood.

Repix is lots of fun, but it’s more than just a novelty app. With just a little care and attention (and restraint) you’ll be able to produce some incredibly eye-catching and effective photography.


Android (FREE), iOS (FREE)

The photo app that the pros prefer.

The last photo editing app on our list is the most advanced. VSCO Cam gives you professional quality effects for both shooting and editing, to take your mobile photography to the next level.

VSCO Cam uses icons and code numbers to help you edit your photographs, so you’ll have to spend a little time teaching yourself the basics. But you’ll be rewarded for your effort, because in addition to its advanced camera controls (such as manual focus and shutter speed) you can also get beautifully authentic filters, some of which recreate classic film stock still widely used by professional photographers.

VSCO Cam lacks a few of the more user-friendly features that you’ll find in other photo editing apps (there’s no Instagram style tilt-shift filter, for example), but it more than makes up for this with its advanced editing features and attention to detail.

We think these are the best photo editing apps out there at the moment. Do you agree? Is there a special filter that you’d be lost without? Don’t keep it to yourself – feel free to share your thoughts below

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