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10 best new Android apps

Looking for something new and fun for your smartphone? Check out the best new Android apps we’ve found this month.


LokLok lets you send messages to your friends’ lock screens. It replaces your standard lock screen with one that you can draw on. You can then send your drawings and messages to groups of friends instantly. It’s a fun, unique new way of sending messages to people.


TimeAway is a fantastic parental control app. You can see how your kids are using their phone, what apps they’re downloading and even lock their phone remotely. That means that when you say it’s bed time, you can stop them from playing games or calling their friends.


BillGuard is our favourite money management app. Simple, clear lists track all your spending so you can see where you money goes, while handy charts make it easy to stick to a budget. But most impressive are the automatic fraud alerts which have caught over $60 million worth of false charges.


MyRoll is the most advanced photo gallery we’ve seen. It learns which photos matter most to you and can recognise which shots are best so you can easily find pictures that you’ll want to share. It also organises your photos into ‘Moments’ to create living collages of events. It really is beautiful.


Trover lets you explore the world through photos. You can discover beautiful new places around the corner or plan what to see on your next holiday. And if you’ve got photos of places that other people should see, you can share them and give everyone tips on the best places to go. It’s like a social network for travel photography.


Ginger Page & Grammar Keyboard helps you write everything in perfect English. It doesn’t just have great spell-checking; it checks grammar, does translations, finds synonyms and definitions, checks punctuation and even suggests better ways to phrase entire sentences. And it works across your entire phone.


Nudge pulls all your health and fitness information into one app. It syncs to other fitness apps and wearables so you can see everything about your lifestyle more easily, you even get a Nudge score to tell you how fit you are overall. And there’s a social section so you can get encouragement from other Nudgers who are interested in the same stuff as you.


Rove automatically creates a digital diary for you. It can see where you went and how you got there, which is great for tracking exercise. And it’ll pull in things like photos to give you a more complete memory of what you’ve done. And if you’ve done something awesome, you can share the day with your friends.


Jink helps you to meet up with friends. It’s a simple location sharing app that works really well. Once you share your location with a friend, you can see a photo of them and you on a map and watch the two pictures move closer together. And once you’re in roughly the same place you can send a message in the app to tell them exactly where you are.


Slingshot is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. You send your friends photos and videos but they can only view them once they’ve sent you something back. And once a photo’s been viewed, it’s gone forever.

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