The world of wireless charging


It's going to be a big year for wireless chargers. Here’s a round-up of the latest innovations and best products available.
The world of wireless charging
IKEA Wireless charging plate

It looks like 2015 is going to be a landmark year for wireless charging, with most of the big smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Microsoft investing in this exciting technology.

So does this mean that our beloved smartphones are soon going to break free from the wall socket for good? Let’s take a closer look at the world of wireless charging to find out.


It’s not too hard to see the attraction of wireless charging. Just imagine - no more getting down on your hands and knees and fiddling with cables and sockets. Even better, no more wires getting accidentally wrenched out of your phone. Simply place your smartphone on a wireless charger and it starts charging. Sounds like the way forward, doesn’t it?

Most wireless charging is done with accessories, and innovative businesses are taking advantage of this to integrate it into their products and places.

For example, there are currently wireless charging pads in around 50 McDonald’s restaurants in the UK. Or if you’re after more of a caffeine kick, you could try one of the ten Starbucks branches in London with wireless charging stations installed.

If you’d rather do your wireless charging in the comfort of your own home while enjoying the benefits of easily assembled Swedish furniture, that’s also possible. IKEA has announced plans to release a range of wireless charging furniture including lamps, bedside tables, coffee tables and even charging plates for use in the kitchen.


The world of wireless charging isn’t all about the headline-hitting innovations mentioned above, of course. There are already some great wireless chargers available for your home and car. Here are a few that we think are worth checking out.


FUEL iON Magnetic Charging Car Mount

FUEL iON offers a hands-free in-car charging experience with its wireless Magnetic Charging Car Mount. You can easily stick it to the windshield or a smooth dashboard, and it allows for simple, one-handed connection. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5/5S/6, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 and the Note 3.
Buy the FUEL iON Magnetic Charging Car Mount


FUEL iON Magnetic Charging Case & Stand

FUEL iON also has a Magnetic Charging Case & Stand for the Samsung Galaxy S5. It charges the phone wirelessly in a specially designed case that also protects it from knocks and scratches.
Buy the FUEL iON Magnetic ChargingCase & Stand


Nokia wireless charging plate

Nokia has a range of simple and colourful wireless charging plates, compatible with its Lumia 830/925/930 & 1520 phones. You place your phone on the charging plate, and a light shows when the phone’s fully charged and ready to use.
More about Nokia Wireless Charging Plates


Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

If you’re lucky enough to have a new Samsung Galaxy S6 then this is the wireless charger for you. It’s as easy as placing your device on the charging pad and watching it charge. The ambient LED shows its charging status, changing from blue when charging, to green when fully charged.
More about the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Do you own a wireless charger? Have you given one of the wireless chargers in Starbucks or McDonalds a go? Would you shell out on a piece of wireless charging furniture from IKEA? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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