MWC 18 – Latest from Nokia


The Nokia 8810 banana phone is making a comeback...
MWC 18 – Latest from Nokia
Meet the new Nokia 8810 Banana Phone

Last year Nokia wowed us with a reboot of the old favourite Nokia 3310 feature phone, plus a stunning range of brand new smartphones. So, what have they got up their sleeve this year? Here’s all the news from their announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The banana is back

Hot on the heels of last years Nokia 3310 reboot comes another retro handset given a modern twist.

The Nokia 8810 Banana phone is a feature phone, but with 4G and WiFi capabilities, and you can twin it with your smartphone, so every call and text it receives will also display on your 8810.

The 8810 is also Exchange compatible, so you can easily load all your contacts and set it up to receive email too.

It’s a hugely fun phone. And it also spins on it's axis, just like the old 8810 did. Plus, if you’re not a fan of banana yellow, then it’s also available in black.

Nokia 1

Nokia’s excellent relationship with Google means that the new Nokia 1 is one of the first smartphones to have the Android Oreo Go edition operating system. Oreo Go offers a lot of the exciting features of Android Oreo, but it doesn’t take up as much storage space. This means the phone runs faster, and has a decent battery life.

Nokia 1 is a great starter phone for kids or adults moving from a feature phone to their first smartphone. And it has Nokia’s popular Xpress On covers, in a variety of different colours. If you fancy a change, you can easily pop off the back and pop on a whole new look.

Nokia 6

Hot on the heels of its success in 2017, the Nokia 6 is back with a stunning new look, faster speed and some exciting new features – especially with the camera.

The beautiful new black copper edition is built using 6000 series aluminium, making the phone tough and hard to bend. They don’t call it the tank of the Nokia range for nothing. They’ve moved the buttons on the front onto the screen and the fingerprint scanner can now be found on the back. And the phone uses the Qualcomm 630 chip, which makes it 60% faster than last year.

Camera fans will love the new Nokia Pure View Camera with ZEISS optics. Manual controls make a welcome return. Just swipe up on the screen and you can control White Balance, Focal Distance, ISO and Shutter Speed – all in real time.

And, for fans of the bothie, it’s back, and better than ever.

Nokia 7 +

Billed as the flagship hero for everyone, the new Nokia 7+ is an exciting new addition to the Nokia family, at what promises to be a very reasonable price.

This is Nokia’s first painted phone coming in both White Copper and Black Copper. The painted ceramic on the back of the device makes the 7+ more grippy and a lot easier to hold onto.

With beautiful rounded corners and a Full HD+ 18:9 display, with the Nokia 7+, you have a whole lot of sharp, crisp screen to play with. It’s also one of the first smartphones to have the new Qualcomm 660 chip – so it’s extra fast. Plus it also boasts a big battery, giving you up to two days battery life.

On the back of the phone is a dual ZEISS camera – one lens is a 12MP wide angle lens, and the other a 13MP optical zoom. This means you can zoom in optically on your subject twice without a loss of quality.

On the front of the 7+ is a 16MP front facing camera, which offers great low light performance.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

The beautiful new flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco is a joy to both behold and hold. Nokia gave their designers free reign to design the phone they wanted, and the results are impressive.

First up, the phone is 95% Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, which gives the phone a smooth, slick feel. The band of the phone is stainless steel, which makes the phone virtually impossible to break or bend. We saw a representative put huge force on the device, and it wouldn’t budge – which is great news if you’re prone to putting your phone in your back pocket and sitting on it.

It has a 5.5in quad HD plastic OLED screen, which is curved at the sides, with virtually no top bezel. The phone is also water resistant to IP67, and it has QI wireless charging capabilities. And it has the same great cameras as the Nokia 7+

The Nokia Spacial Audio feature is also impressive. It’s 3 microphones mean you could stand at the front row of a rock concert and record the sound with virtually no distortion. Rock on!

That’s all the news from Nokia at MWC 2018. You can expect every single one of these phones to be available from Carphone Warehouse coming soon. So, what do you think of their latest releases? Let us know in the comments below.

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