Google I/O 2015 roundup


Feel like you've missed out on the action from Google's I/O developer conference? Here's the news.
Google I/O 2015 roundup

The boys and girls at Google have been busy cooking up some wonderful treats this year, which they revealed overnight at the developer conference, Google I/O.

New and improved Cardbaord

Cardboard, Google’s super low budget version of a VR headset, started life as a bit of an experiment. However, there are now over 1 million users across the globe (we’re one of them), and Google has plugged a bit more money into the programme – introducing Cardboard 2.0.

The new version can manage phones up to 6-inches (like the Nexus 6) and only takes three steps to assemble, unlike the previous twelve.

Google Photos

Google has taken another look at its Photos app, and thought about how it can make the whole experience more accessible. You might be thinking, ‘how much can you really do with the organisation of photos’, right? Well, it turns out, quite a lot.

The notion behind the rehash is angled more towards users reliving their memories, as oppose to simply organising them.

With a little help from some Google computer wizardry, the new app is able to group photos by people, places and dates. But somehow it can also recognise what’s going on in the photos, making them searchable by content.

So, for example, say you wanted to find those pictures from last year's visit to Egypt, search 'pyramids’ and it’ll know what’s going on. Scary or awesome?

The app is free, and available on iOS and Android right now.

Android M

We’ve already has a stab at some of the potential features that will be coming with Android M, but Google is still keeping its cards close to its chest.

Also known as Android 6.0, the next gen of OS will be available later this year, but doesn’t look to offer as many aesthetic changes as the previous Lollipop update.

The announcements of debugging and software improvements were met with rapturous applause from the crowd, but the current changes are only looking to excite developers.

Virtual reality YouTube

Google already owns the biggest and most successful video hosting site on the internet – YouTube. So, the company has decided to take advantage of that and start producing VR content for it.

That’s right, one day in the not so distant future you’ll be able to jump on YouTube while wearing your favourite VR mask, and indulge in some immersive video.

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