5 amazing Facebook features coming soon


Some major changes are coming to your favourite social media platform…
5 amazing Facebook features coming soon

Facebook has been hard at work recently, creating some exciting new features to make your online social life even better. We’ve rounded up five that you should definitely keep an eye out for…


If you like taking photos on your phone (and who doesn’t?) Slideshow could become a big part of your Facebook life. It’s basically an automatic movie-maker that takes your photos and videos, and sets them to music.

If you’ve taken five or more photos or videos on your phone in the last 24 hours, Slideshow will create a mini-movie out of them and give you a preview of it at the top of your news feed. You’re then able to edit it and share with friends.

So if you’ve spent the day taking photos at a wedding, birthday or other social event, Slideshow should hopefully be able to create something special for you.

Facebook’s Slideshow is on iOS now, and coming soon to Android.

Secret messaging service

Is security is a big concern of yours? Do you want to keep certain conversations private? Then you’ll appreciate Facebook’s secret conversations feature. It gives you the option of encrypting certain messages so that nobody, from snooping cyber-criminals to Facebook itself, will be able to intercept and read them.

To use Facebook’s secret conversations feature, you’ll need to choose just one of your devices to use it on. This is because secret conversations will store encrypted messages on the device itself.

You’ll also be able to set a self-destruct timer on your message (similar to the kind of thing that Snapchat does), so the person you send it to will only be able to see it for a short amount of time.

Secret conversations will use the well-known security system known as Signal, which WhatsApp users already benefit from. It should be rolled out to all Facebook users no later than September.

Curated events

Facebook is adding a human touch to its events section.

Designated real-life ‘curators’ will browse through the best events that a particular city has to offer, and their suggestions will be added to the top of your list of upcoming events. They’ll do this early enough for you to plan ahead and share the details with your friends.

Curated events will be carefully selected to avoid small gatherings that might not be able to handle crowds of eager Facebook users, and Facebook says it won’t be including political or religious events.

Facebook’s curated events is being trialed in 10 major US cities (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington). If it proves popular, we expect to see it rolled out worldwide in the near future.

Better chatbots

11,000 chatbots have been built for Facebook’sMessenger service in the last twelve weeks…

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… and they’re getting some new features to make them easier to use.

Some chatbots struggle to provide answers unless you phrase a question exactly right. To solve that problem, they can now have ‘quick reply’ buttons and menu options embedded into them.

For example, if you’re talking to a chatbot about booking a restaurant, it could show you buttons with the available dates and times, letting you make a booking with a simple tap.

Your chatbot will also be able to reply with GIFs, audio, video, and other files. This’ll be useful for getting directions to a restaurant, or viewing menu PDFs.

Facebook has already made these new features available to developers, so expect to see them on your favourite chatbot soon.

MSQRD on Facebook Live

Last but not least, Facebook Live is being made a little bit more fun with a little help from MSQRD

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You’ll shortly be able to broadcast on Facebook Live while using MSQRD, the video filter app that lets you film yourself with different masks and effects.

So if you feel that your Facebook Live reports have been lacking humour, or just fancy reporting while wearing one of MSQRD’s cunning disguises, you’ll have your chance shortly. Expect to see the feature on Facebook Live in a few weeks.

Let us know if you’ve heard about any other exciting features coming to Facebook. Comment below.

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