There have been loads of rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung has even sent out invites to the phone’s official unveiling. But if you want to get a hint of what Samsung might have in store with the Note 4, check out this complete rumour roundup.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The basicsSamsung Galaxy Note 4 front

What is it?

The Note 4 is Samsung’s replacement for the Note 3, making it Samsung’s top of the range phablet for 2014.

What’s new?

We’re expecting loads of new stuff, including a more stylish design, a much sharper screen and a better camera. Keep reading for the details on all the rumoured new stuff.

When will it be announced?

Samsung has sent out press invites to its UNPACKED event on 3rd September and we expect to see the Note 4 announced there.

When can I buy it?

One rumour suggests it could go on sale as soon as 15th September, less than two weeks after it’s announced.

How much will it cost?

One rumour from an Indonesian online shop apparently leaked a price tag of around £489. But we don’t know if that’s a locked Note 4, a SIM free one or even if that’s the wholesale cost for the website.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The details

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Youm screenThere might be a curved screen version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Curved screen phones are meant to be an important stepping stone on the road to fully flexible phones, and the Note 4 could be the first major phone to have a bent screen. Some rumours say the curve will be similar to what we saw on the Galaxy Round last year, but most suggest screen will wrap around the edges of the phablet. That’d give you a three-sided screen that’ll show you notifications along the edges so it’s easier to see them with the Note 4 lying on a desk.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should have a Quad HD screen resolution

One thing that’s been rumoured repeatedly, and apparently confirmed by leaks, is that the Note 4 will have a super-high resolution Quad HD screen. That would make everything from books to movies look crystal clear so you’ll never miss a detail.

How big will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 be?

All the most recent rumours say that the Note 4 will have the same screen size as the Note 3 at 5.7 inches. If that screen size is accurate, we’d expect the phablet to be slightly smaller than its predecessor and Samsung should be able to remove some space round the screen and make everything thinner. And if the 3-sided screen is real, that would save a few millimetres of size too.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have a UV sensor

One intriguing rumour says that the Note 4 will be able to sense ultra violet light. We’d assume that it would use that to make sure you don’t spend too much time in the sun and possibly even give you reminders to wear sun cream. It’ll be a handy addition to Samsung’s S Health app.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be metalSamsung Galaxy Note 4 back

There have been a few leaked photos that show the Note 4 with a new metallic edge that looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s new design. From those photos, the back of the phone would still keep Samsung’s faux leather design but everything would be built around a metal frame. That’d make the phablet feel premium and should also make it a bit tougher.

How fast will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 be?

An online shop leaked a complete spec sheet that said the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have Qualcomm’s newest, most powerful processor, the Snapdragon 805. It’s a quad core processor that runs at a massive 2.5GHz, which is as fast as any phone out there.

That same leak also said the Note 4 will have 4GB RAM, which is more than any mobile and would give you incredible multitasking speed. You’d be able to have loads of stuff open and running in the background without slowing down your phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have a camera with optical image stabilisation

This is something that we’re really excited about. The rumours say that the Note 4 will have a 16MP camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS), which would keep the camera steady even if you have shaky hands. It makes all your photos look even clearer and also really helps to create smooth videos.

There might be an ultrasonic case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This rumour sounds really strange. There’s supposedly a case for the Note 4 that sends out an ultrasound signal to map what’s in front of you. It’s meant to help visually impaired people get around, but the rumour said that it’s not a substitute for a cane, guide dog or human guide, so we’re not sure how useful it would really be. It could still be an exciting innovation though.

We’ll be at Samsung’s UNPACKED event on 3rd September in Berlin where we hope to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 announced. So check back to get a first official look at the new phablet as soon as it’s unveiled.