There’s a lot of stories about the amount of apps on Windows Phone, but the latest is that the store has passed the 300,000 apps mark. That’s a lot of apps and games to choose from, and now many of the most popular apps from competing app stores appear on Windows too. It just means there’s less of a problem if you’re thinking of switching to a Windows Phone and are worried about the choice of apps.

Windows Phone Store 300,000 appsThe Windows Phone store has actually been increasing the number of apps very, very fast. In December 2013 there were 200,000 apps, and by April, that number had increased to 250,000. With 300,000 apps now available, that’s over 10,000 new apps being added every month.

Microsoft also announced that there have been 250 million app downloads from its phone store. Whichever way you look at, that’s a lot of apps being downloaded!

Source: Microsoft