Samsung Gear SSamsung has unveiled two exciting bits of wearable tech, the Samsung Gear S and Gear Circle.

The Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch that can get online, make phone calls and send texts without connecting to a phone. That’s because it’s the first big name smartwatch to take a SIM card and connect to Wi-Fi.

It looks super futuristic too, with a two inch curved Super AMOLED screen that follows the shape of your wrist so it’s really comfortable to wear.

And that screen looks crystal clear and is bright so you have no problem seeing what you’re doing in any light.

The Samsung Gear S also has a heart rate monitor to help you keep fit and a UV sensor to make sure you stay safe in the sun. So it’s a great health and fitness accessory too.

Samsung Gear Circle

The Samsung Gear Circle is an innovative pair of earphones. They’re wireless and have a cool magnetic clasp that lets you
wear them around your neck. But the really fun thing is that when you want to answer a call or play a song, you just pull apart the magnet and pop the ear buds in your ears. And then you just put them back together to hang up or pause the song.

We hope to see the Samsung Gear S and Gear Circle at the IFA tech show next week, so be sure to check back for more info on these great new wearables.