Samsung Galaxy Alpha couple share the phoneIf you’re a big Samsung fan or work for a phone retailer, you might be a member of Samsung Backstage. It offers members the chance to do quizzes in exchange for the chance to win prizes. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha quizzes hint at the existence of loads of freebies that Galaxy Alpha owners will get.

To go with the heart rate monitor and S-Health fitness app, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have a free 12 month Endomondo subscription.

When it comes to entertainment and downtime, everyone with an Alpha will get a Deezer subscription free for 6 months as well as a 3 month movie pass with Now TV.

For anyone who’ll be using the Samsung Galaxy Alpha as a business phone, they’ll be able to grab a LinkedIn Premium account free for 3 months, and an Evernote premium account, also for 3 months.

When these details are fully confirmed, we’ll let you know.

Source: Samsung Backstage