Google’s rumoured hands-free app for mobile devices has made an appearance on its search app.

The new hands-free app is apparently codenamed ‘eyes-free’, as it’s entirely voice controlled, but most people have been referring to it as KITT after the intelligent car from the TV show Knight Rider.

And now this advanced feature has popped up in Google search. When you type ‘hands free’ into the Google search bar on your phone, a card pops up telling you to start hands-free. But at the moment nothing happens when you click on it.

The idea of Google hands-free is that you can use everything on your Android phone or tablet while driving, simply by talking. The new app would read your notifications aloud and be contextually aware, so the simple command ‘Reply’ would either send an email or a text depending on your newest notification.

Google hands free 2

Google hands-freeSource: Android Police