How to get the most from your first iPhone


Everything you need to know if you're a first-time iPhone user...
How to get the most from your first iPhone

Control how much mobile data you use

You can check your email, browse the web, update Facebook and stream music from your iPhone. These are all things that use the internet. When you’re out and about this means using mobile internet like 3G or 4G.

Your phone will have a certain amount of mobile data you can use each month without being charged extra. So it makes sense to know which apps use the most data. You can easily find this information on your iPhone, and then stop apps that are consuming the most from using mobile data – with a simple swipe of the screen.

Go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Usage > Use Mobile Data For

Just tap the green switch to disable mobile data for any app from the list. They’ll still load when you connect using Wi-Fi.

Got a low battery? Make it last longer by switching to Low Power Mode. It switches off power-hungry features to give you a battery boost.

Connect your iPhone, iPad and MacBook

Already have an iPad or like the idea of getting a MacBook? With an iCloud account you can connect all your Apple devices.

Set up iCloud to:

  • Get your music from iTunes and apps from the App Store across all your Apple devices
  • Securely save work and university documents that can be picked on your iPad and iPhone as well as your MacBook
  • Keep your calendar and contacts updated – enter a new appointment on your iPhone and it’ll show up on your MacBook
  • Store your iPhone photos and easily share them with friends and family

Do more with your voice – Siri tips

You can send messages and add new appointments to your calendar using your voice with Siri. Siri is the iPhone’s digital assistant that helps you get things done.

Here are some cool things you can do:

  • Ask it questions – such as ‘where’s the best Italian restaurant in central London?’
  • Get help with boring tasks: ‘go to my Facebook settings’
  • Do sums – it can add, divide and subtract. Just speak out the sum you need answering
  • Teach Siri how to pronounce your name properly – although this won’t be necessary for most names
  • Get the grammar right in texts and emails by speaking out punctuation marks as you go
  • Set reminders for things like tasks at work or picking up the milk

Read messages without opening them with 3D Touch

If you have the latest iPhone (the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus) you’ll be able to use 3D Touch. It basically recognises how hard you’re pressing the screen and reacts in different ways.

One of the coolest things it’s used for is Peek and Pop. This lets you view and read your messages without actually having to open them.

What’s the point? You can whizz through your emails and messages much more quickly – just press lightly on one to get a preview of it, and if you want to open in full press a little harder.

Run your inbox like a tight ship

Message inboxes soon get clogged up, but sorting them one by one is not a fun job. Make inbox management simple with these tricks:

  • Delete messages in batches like you would emails: Tap Edit, select the messages you want gone and hit Delete
  • Know when a message was sent by dragging the message bubble to the left – a timestamp will be revealed on the right-hand side
  • Search for messages sent weeks and months ago by typing a few words from it into the search bar at the top of the message screen

Get more from your keyboard

You use your iPhone’s on screen keyboard for writing texts and WhatsApp messages, searching the web and adding things to your calendar.

So it’s important to get the best from it. Bring your texts to life with some interesting punctuation and formatting – a long press on the keyboard reveals another set of letters and symbols. Think em and en dashes and bullet points. Perfect for making handy, scannable lists. When you’re writing an email in Mail you can even use bold, italics, and underlining – turning your iPhone into a basic word processor.

Simply highlight the text, tap the arrow in the copy/paste pop-up and select B/U.

Set up your iPhone for bedtime reading

Lots of people like to read things on their phone when they’re winding down for the night in bed – be it a magazine article or an eBook. You can set up your iPhone to be easier on your eyes for bedtime reading with:

  • Night Shift automatically adjusts screen colours to suit after-dark use. Find it in Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift
  • Removing ads, related content and other clutter from online articles by using Reader in Safari – you’ll get the article, the pictures and nothing else

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