Best festival phones


If you're planning on heading to a festival to check out as many acts as possible, you'll want to get one of these phones.
Best festival phones

Britain is home to more festivals than anywhere else. But as we’re always worried about breaking our phones, which is the best one to take with you on a weekend of music, fun and camping?

Samsung E1200Samsung E1200

Festival pros:

Price – it’s the cheapest SIM free phone so you can plug your SIM card in and keep your number, without having to worry too much about losing it.
Size – this phone is so tiny that it won’t take up any of the valuable space you need for your sleeping bag.

Festival cons:

No camera – you’ll have to take a separate camera if you want to record those crazy moments.


Nokia 105Nokia 105

Festival pros:

Price – it’s the cheapest pay as you go phone. In fact, at the moment it’s free when you buy a £20 top up. You’ll get a new SIM card and number so you don’t have to worry about losing your current one.
Battery life – on standby, the phone will last more than a month. So you won’t need to worry about charging it while you’re at the festival.

Festival cons:

No internet – a whole weekend without Facebook and your emails might be hard to manage.


Sony Xperia Z3 CompactSony Xperia Z3 Compact

Festival pros:

Waterproof and durable – crafted from aluminium and toughened glass, and with a waterproof design, it should survive anything that a festival can throw at it.
Great camera – the 20.7MP camera will take stunning photos of the main stage, while the 4K video camera will let you zoom in on your videos after you’ve shot them without losing quality.

Festival cons:

Battery life – the battery life’s great for a smartphone, but if you’re going to a four day festival you might run out of charge when you’re taking loads of photos and videos.
Price – this isn’t a phone you get just for a festival weekend. The Z3 Compact is good enough and pricey enough that you’ll want to use it every day.


Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5

Festival pros:

Water resistant – festival weekends and the British summer mean you have to plan for rain. Thankfully, the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, so will keep going no matter how soggy it gets.
Ultra Power Saving Mode – this will make your battery last all weekend and you can still use the apps you need. Watch our Galaxy S5 review to see how Ultra Power Saving Mode works.

Festival cons:

Too well connected – with 4G internet and a great camera, you might find that you spend more time on your phone than enjoying the festival.
Price – the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a year old, so now you can get it on some bargain contracts. But it’s still not a throw away phone, so you’ll want to use it for more than just a festival weekend.

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