Samsung Galaxy S5 fitness

Are you a fitness fanatic? Or do you just like to keep yourself fit and healthy? Either way, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with technology designed to help you stay motivated and make the most of your workouts.

Push yourself with the heart rate monitor

The most obvious new fitness feature on the Galaxy S5 is its heart rate monitor. Placed on the back just below the camera, it’ll let you check your heart rate in an instant so you can see if you’re pushing yourself hard enough. The phone even stores your heart rates, plotting them on a graph so you can easily see how quickly you recover from exercise.

Understand your fitness with S Health 3.0

All of this monitoring is managed by the Galaxy S5’s new S Health 3.0 app. Samsung introduced us to S Health on the Galaxy S4 but this new version is easier to use and looks better. It even has a personal trainer that works with the new Gear wearables to help motivate you. If you’re running, for example, S Health will look at your speed, distance and heart rate (which is monitored in real time on the smartwatches) compared to your targets and the personal trainer will encourage you to push harder or slow down.

Connect to more information with ANT+ wireless support

It’s not just the Gear smartwatches that you can connect to the Galaxy S5 to help monitor your fitness. The new phone has ANT+ support, the standard wireless connection for fitness gadgets, so you can connect it to a huge range of health accessories to get the best picture of your health.

Keep track of every day exercise with the pedometer

The Galaxy S5 doesn’t just keep track of intense exercise, though. Samsung has added a super accurate pedometer that’ll measure how many steps you take each day and use that to work out how many calories you’ve burned. So even if you just want to keep a casual eye on your health and fitness, the Galaxy S5 can help.

Track your fitness anywhere with the water resistant body

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 has so much to help you keep fit, you’ll undoubtedly be using it a lot while you’re out running, cycling or even kayaking. So it’s good to know that the phone’s water resistant and will stand up to rain and the odd capsized kayak. In fact, the Galaxy S5 can survive being submerged in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

See the data anywhere on the super bright screen

Another thing that’ll help you use the Galaxy S5 while you’re out is the new super bright screen that makes it easy to see what’s on the screen even in direct sunlight. It’s the brightest Super AMOLED screen Samsung has ever made and has a special coating that minimises reflection. It all adds up to super sharp picture quality even in bright lights.