LG G3 rear angleDid you know that the LG G3 uses a laser to take photos? It helps it to make sure every photo is perfectly in focus. There are a lot of advantages to LaserAF (laser autofocusing), and we can explain them all.

How does it work?

A laser next to the left of the camera lens fires out low intensity beams. They’re similar to the beam that’s shot out of your TV remote at home. The laser beams from the G3 come out in a cone shape. This means they’ll hit anything you’re aiming at. When the beam bounces back, the G3 measures it and can work out exactly how far away your subject is. Of course, this happens in 0.276 seconds, and is constantly happening to ensure perfect focus.

Is it safe?

Yes. LG has certified the laser beam, so it won’t damage eyes or anything else. It’s as safe as your Sky remote.

What are the benefits?


The laser is active as soon as the camera turns on, so you can get a perfectly in focus photo in less than a second. In fact, turn the camera on and it’ll focus in 0.276 seconds, slightly faster than both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8), which both take 0.3 seconds.

Low light focusing

Most cameras need light to focus, but because of the laser, photos at night are fast to take and always crisp with an LG G3. It also means you won’t need the flash to go off before photos to get the phone to focus, so no one gets blinded and closes their eyes before the photo is even taken!

Video recording

The laser doesn’t just work when you’re taking photos, it works when you take a video too. Some phones struggle to keep everything in focus all the time. Because the laser is always firing and refocusing, videos never go out of focus.

Moving objects stay in focus

Another time where cameras often struggle to stay in focus is with moving objects, like people moving around. With that laser sending out beams many times a second, the LG G3 is able to keep track of things moving around, making for a focused photo where other phones might fail.

LG G3 taking a photo