Mobile World Congress MWC

One of biggest events each year in the smartphone world is the Mobile World Congress, or MWC for short. Here’s Carphone Warehouse’s introduction to the annual event.

What is the MWC?

The MWC is the largest show in the world for mobile technology. Everything from phones to remote control helicopters will be on display. It’s a chance for anyone to see and try out the latest and most original mobile inventions in the flesh.

When is it?

The show happens every year in February, although the exact dates vary slightly. This year the show runs from 24th-27th February 2014.

Where is it?

Since 2006, MWC has been held in Barcelona, Spain, at the Fira Gran Via convention centre. It will be held there until 2018 at least. Before Barcelona, MWC was held in Cannes, France every year from the first show in 1987.

Why is it important?

Many manufacturers choose MWC as the place to unveil their latest products. This year for example we’re expecting announcements about new smartphones from Samsung and Sony, as well as a host of other products for many other manufacturers. The show is the first time anyone will see or be able to use these new devices. It’s the place to be to get hold of the newest, state of the art technology.

Who and what will be there?

The biggest technology companies in the world will be there, showing off their newest and most popular products. Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Google, HTC, BlackBerry, Toshiba, Vodafone, Intel and many more will be there. They’ll have their latest devices available to play with, plus samples of things that are not yet on sale. Carphone Warehouse will be there too, covering the action. To get a sneak peak of what’s being announced, see our What to expect at MWC article.

Can I go?

Yes! Unlike some shows, MWC is open to the public. You don’t need to work in the industry, but you do need to register and buy your tickets well in advance.