Processors are the things that make phones and computers work by doing all the calculations. They’re made up of cores, with each core being able to do one calculation at a time. Since 2010 we’ve seen smartphones go from having single core processors to much more complicated and powerful eight core processors. But what exactly does multicore processing mean for you?

More power

 multi core processors more power

Popular phones like iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S used 1GHz single core processors. They were incredibly powerful smartphones back in 2010, but today’s multi core phones make them look slow.Like a head with multiple brains working together, a multi core processor can do more things at the same time. That speeds up performance and lets you run apps and tasks that need a lot of power.

Glorious gaming

 multi core processors gaming

One of the best advantages of this extra power is in gaming. You get much better graphics, with everything looking more realistic and a lot smoother. And that means mobile games are catching up with home consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.It’s not just graphics that benefit from the extra power. In-game physics, like how an Angry Bird falls, and artificial intelligence have been taken to the next level. These bits of a games use loads of power, which used to limit how clever mobile games could be but now games developers can do a lot more.

HD video

 multi core processors video

Multi core processors let you record and watch HD video. Old single core phones could only power 720p video because they couldn’t run any more pixels. But the latest multi core processors can record and play 4K Ultra HD video.

More multitasking

 multi core processors multitasking

Having multiple cores in your processor is also perfectly suited to multitasking. With a single core processor, tasks in different applications are processed one at a time. With more cores, the processor can run different applications at the same time. So you can keep your music playing in the background while you browse Facebook.

Better battery life

 multi core processors battery

This may sound strange, but more cores let a phone save battery. That’s because when the power of the extra cores isn’t needed, they can be put to sleep. Then, when you need more power for a game or app, everything bursts back into life. Plus, with two cores to tap into, each core can be less powerful and more efficient.