If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S5 but want to get the best out of it, pick up a few of these fantastic accessories.

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery KitOfficial Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit

So you’re using your Samsung Galaxy S5 but aren’t a fan of charging it? Then try the Samsung Galaxy S5 Extra Battery Kit. The kit has a spare S5 battery, and a purpose made S5 battery charger. So, charge the battery when you’re out, come home, put the fresh one in your S5 and charge the other battery. Simple! And because it’s an official Samsung product, there’ll be no problems with compatibility.


Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter and S Charger Pad

Or maybe you don’t mind charging, but hate cables and wires. There’s a couple of accessories for you that let you charge your S5 wirelessly. Just stick the Internal Wireless Charging Adapter to the back of your battery, put the back cover back on, and then rest it on the S Charger Pad. Hey presto, the battery’s getting charged and you’ve wasted as little effort as possible.

S Charger Pad and QI Internal Wireless Charging adaptor for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 S View caseSamsung S View case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

The S View case protects the back, sides and screen of the S5. But that’s not the interesting part. The best bit is the window on the front. It means with the cover closed you can still see and use the screen. Skip tracks, take calls, read texts, take photos and more, all with the screen covered. If you want to keep you S5 in mint condition, the S View Case is a really good buy.


Samsung Gear 2 front angleSamsung Gear 2

Smartwatches let you control your Galaxy S5 without taking it out of your bag or pocket. The Gear 2 lets you take calls, read and reply to texts and emails, and it’ll show up all your other notifications, all from your wrist. The voice recognition goes one step further and even lets you ask general knowledge questions. The Gear 2 is also designed for fitness activities, so it’s waterproof and has a built in heart rate monitor for real time fitness tracking. There’s also a Samsung Gear 2 Neo, which is a bit cheaper and does everything the Gear 2, but doesn’t have a camera.


Slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard caseBluetooth QWERTY keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Always typing? Then snap this case on your S5. It has a built in sliding QWERTY keyboard, so your phone’s protected and ready for serious typing. When you want to type, slide it out. And when you’re done, slide it back behind the phone. The larger keys make a big difference for long emails, and you can even type without looking at the keyboard.


Samsung GamePadSamsung GamePad

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful mobile phones you can get. But it can be an even better game station with the GamePad. It connects wirelessly using Bluetooth and the PAd has a sturdy mechanism that attaches it to your S5. The GamePad has a really comfy directional pad, 2 analogue sticks for precision control, 4 action buttons, and 2 trigger buttons on the shoulders. You’ll be beating top scores in no time!


Samsung Bluetooth Body ScaleSamsung Bluetooth Body Scale

There’s a really cool app built into the Samsung Galaxy S5 called S-Health, which is great for tracking your fitness. If you get this accessory, it can keep track your weight too. Stand on the Bluetooth Body scale and it sends the data wirelessly to S-Health on your phone. Then you can look at your past weight to see the trends. You can store 7 different users on your phone, and connect the scales to 4 different phones, so the whole household can use it.