Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia™ Z2 is the replacement for last year’s very successful Z1. Expectations were fairly high for this phone, and it hasn’t failed to disappoint.

The biggest story this year is the Digital Noise Cancellation (DNC) feature that cuts down outside noise when you’re listening to music. This is the first time a smartphone has had this technology built in. Sony is even putting a pair of DNC headphones in the box, a real game changer, as they’re normally a very expensive accessory. The noisy environment of the show was a good test bed, and we can tell you, the technology works. Sony promises 98% of all ambient noise is stopped, and we believe them!

The phone is IP55 & IP58 certified waterproof and dust resistant, lasting a miraculous 30 minutes underwater 1/5 metres deep, should you want to watch film in the bath.

Another exciting new feature is the 4K video with its 20.7MP camera. Sony is leading the way with this technology, but this is more of a future proofing feature than anything else. If you have a 4K compatible screen you can watch your videos back at the full 4K resolution, but on the phone’s screen your videos will play back in the slightly lower 1080p HD resolution.

Saying that, the screen is quite remarkable. The Xperia™ Z2 Live Colour LED screen is brighter than any previous Sony mobile screen with spectacular colours, using the latest phosphor LED technology. Even on the white and overly bright show floor, the screen’s colour and brightness is right up there with the best we’ve ever seen.

At no point is this more dramatically displayed than when you’re using the phones video camera. We were shown the new slow motion effect using some ping pong balls bouncing against a wall. On other phones, when you use the slow motion feature, the video and colour quality can drop. Not in this case. It was crisp, sharp and the colours bounced out of the phone. Quite a stunning example of a really fantastic new feature.

Haven’t recorded in slow mo, but really want to add it to one of your videos? With the Z2, you can, with the new TimeShift Video mode. And if you want to add quirky little animations to your videos, like making your friends be chased by a T Rex, then you can do that too.

A phone this packed with features is nothing without some major power under the bonnet, and in this case, it’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with four cores running at a whopping 2.3GHz. This is perfect for gamers to take advantage of the brilliant display.

The battery too is pretty huge, packing a massive 3,200mAh. It will really keep you going all day. And with its Battery STAMINA mode, you’ll potentially keep going even longer.