Samsung Galaxy S5

Check out why the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the features it does.

If you’ve been wondering why Samsung chose the new features of Samsung Galaxy S5 that it did, wonder no more. If you look closely at other phones that are on sale, it’s easy to see why Samsung gave the S5 these specific abilities.

Water resistance

When Sony produced the Sony Xperia™ Z at the start of 2013, it really helped to catapult the brand into the minds of people buying mobile phones. It was the first time a water resistant phone still had great looks and top of the range features.

Sony continued the trend with the Sony Xperia™ Z1 and then with the Sony Xperia™ Z2. The S5 needed to be able to compete with the Sony phones on this level. Samsung dabbled in water resistance with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, but it made much more sense for Samsung to simply make its best phone water resistant too, instead of producing a water resistant version.

Heart rate monitor

On the Google Play™ Store there are actually a few apps that turn your flash into a heart rate monitor. One of these apps is Instant Heart Rate. It’s been downloaded 10 million times. That’s just a single app! Combine the clear popularity with heart rate monitors, the general trend for using technology to improve fitness, and Samsung’s past interest in health with its S-Health built in app, and it was a natural next step for the S5.

Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners were thrown into the limelight when Apple announced its iPhone 5s near the end of 2013. As one of the Galaxy S5’s main rivals, Samsung needed to have an answer to the Touch ID sensor. When HTC revealed itsHTC One Max had a fingerprint scanner too, Samsung just had to make sure it was keeping up. The extra features it included, such as being able to authorise PayPal payments, helps to make its scanner unique, too.

Selective focus camera feature

This lets you blur out the background of photos, giving a nice professional effect. This is a photo effect that is easy to get with a DSLR camera, and is a particularly popular and sought after look.

Samsung also looked at what Nokia did with its Nokia Lumia 1020, a phone that has such an impressive lens it can give the same look without special software. To keep up with the 1020’s camera and give photo lover’s the photographs they want, Samsung had to put a feature like this into the S5.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Sony has had its STAMINA mode for a year. HTC too has had its Power Saver feature. Windows Phone has Battery Saver. Samsung’s equivalent battery life app was called Power Saving Mode, but it was beginning to get lost in the crowd. If anything, Sony’s STAMINA mode was the most interesting and effective.

With Ultra Power Saving Mode Samsung has tried to take back the battery life crown. The unique feature of turning the screen black and white ensures attention, and due to the special AMOLED screen, it’s a super effective power saving feature.