The LG G3 has the UK's first Quad HD screen

The LG G3 has the UK’s first Quad HD screen

LG has just announced the G3, a smartphone that has the UK’s first Quad HD (QHD) screen. That’s a screen that’s four times sharper than 720p HD and almost twice as sharp as 1080p Full HD (FHD). But on a small smartphone screen, can you really notice a difference in picture quality? And why would you need such a sharp screen on your mobile?

Is there much difference between QHD and FHD on a smartphone?

In short, yes. The thing that makes the biggest difference to the sharpness of images is the number of pixels per inch. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a FHD screen that squeezes 432 pixels into every square inch. But the LG G3 manages a massive 534. That’s similar to the difference between the pictures printed in a magazine and the pictures printed in a specialist art book. So there’s definitely a benefit to having those extra pixels.

What will I use a Quad HD screen for?

Games, books, movies and everything else will look sharper, even stuff that was made in FHD. That means you can enjoy playing games more as you can easily lose yourself in the graphics. And reading a book becomes much easier as the text is as sharp as it would be on paper. Plus you’ll never miss a detail when watching a movie. In fact, the LG G3 lets you zoom in on movies while they’re playing so you can see even more detail.

Won’t a Quad HD screen drain the battery?

A higher resolution screen will use more power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get worse battery life. Screen technology this year is a lot more efficient than it was last year, so power use hasn’t jumped anywhere near as much as the resolution has.

Plus the LG G3 is packed with clever technology to minimise battery drain without affecting performance. It cuts how often the screen refreshes if you’re reading an eBook or a webpage. And it turns down the processor speed when full power isn’t needed. So even with the incredibly sharp screen, the LG G3′s battery will last longer than most high end smartphones.

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