The LG G Flex is one of those phones that stands out because, right now, it’s pretty unique. It has a 6″ screen that actually curves. If you want to know and what that curve actually means for you in real life, and what else the G Flex offers, we’ve got the answers.

LG G Flex

The LG G Flex is the world’s first phone to have a curved screen.

Why is a curved screen good?

Under extremely bright light, such as sunlight, the screen’s curve stops glare.

All the light bounces off the curve and away from your eyes. While it doesn’t cut out every bit of glare, it’s a big improvement on most flat screens.

The screen gives you more accurate colours and a generally clearer view.

All the light being produced by the screen itself is pointed right at your eyes. This means the screen looks brighter.

It won’t break.

The curved screen is actually slightly flexible, as is the whole of the LG G Flex. That means if you accidentally sit on it, the phone will survive. Remember though, the phone can still break, so we don’t recommend you keep purposefully bending it!

The shape of the screen fits better around your leg in your pocket.

With its 6” screen, the phone is actually quite large making it a fair bit bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S4 for example. When you carry it in your pocket though, the curve helps to make the phone feel more comfortable.

It’s more comfortable to hold up against your face during a call.

Again, as the G Flex is so large, it’s a little odd to hold it to your head. The curved shape though makes it easier to hold in your palm. Because it wraps round your head, it doesn’t feel so cumbersome either. It also brings the mic closer to your mouth to make your voice clearer to whoever you’re calling.

It’ll balance on its side on a table, ideal for watching videos.

Most other phones won’t balance on their side, or are super easy to knock over. The curve of the LG G Flex gives it a little more stability. If you’re balancing the phone on a table in a train, it’ll take a lot more knocks for it to fall over.

What else is great about the G Flex?

The back of the phone heals itself from scratches.

LG gave the rear of the phone a special plastic coat. If the phone’s in your pocket with some keys, you’ll probably get some small scratches. But with the G Flex, just wait a bit and the plastic coat will subtly move, covering the scratch marks and making them disappear. Be careful though. The cover is designed for relatively small scratches. If the scratch is too big, it won’t be able to heal.

The LG G Flex has an excellent battery life.

In independent tests the battery lasted very well for calls and web browsing, and was one of the best phones ever for lasting while playing back videos. LG was able to fit such a large battery because it too is curved, maximising the space in the body.