IFA Berlin 2014

The mobile phone world has three massive electronics shows every year where all the latest and greatest gadgets are announced on mass. This week, it’s Berlin for IFA…and the team from Carphone Warehouse will be there, reporting on all the latest announcements. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. Here’s a rundown of everything we’re expecting to be revealed.


Many of the most famous phones on sale right now were announced at IFA last year, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1. This year we’re expecting the Note 3 replacement, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as well as a new phone from Sony, likely to be a Sony Xperia Z3.

In fact, phones will play a huge part in IFA 2014. Sony is also expected to bring out a mini version of the Z3, probably called the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Nokia is rumoured to have two more Lumia devices to tell the world about, and Huawei too has some new phones to unveil.

Phones are here already though, and electronics shows are amazing because they show us all the new electronics that are not on sale yet.


There have been more and more wearable tech devices being made, such as smartwatches, and IFA will showcase even more. Samsung just announced the Gear S smartwatch, and LG also sent out its announcement of the G Watch R. More details of these, and the first hands on reviews, will all come at IFA. They’ll also be new wearables from Sony, Asus and more.

The internet of things

The Internet of Things is the idea that almost anything can be electronically and wirelessly connected to something else. Think about connected homes, with light bulbs and heating systems all synced up to your phone so they turn on when you arrive back.

At IFA, there’ll be the latest news on how you can connect your phone to your home, with some great new apps. There will also be a huge number of new robots, designed to work in your home. Control them with your phone so they can clean windows, clean up after your cat and much more. And then there’s amazing new connected devices for the kitchen, all waiting to be unveiled.


One last thing we’re excited about right now are batteries. IFA has a massive amount of battery companies this year, showing off everything from solar powerpacks to super fast chargers, technology that will be coming to your phone soon.