Our mobiles are just as much fashion accessories as they are gadgets. So deciding on the right smartphone depends just as much on its colour as it does on the fantastic technology inside it. And we’ve never had so many colourful phones to choose from as we do now.

Why were phones such serious colours?

Because smartphones were originally made for business, they were mostly serious colours like grey, black, white or metallic silver. But slowly, over the last year or so, we’ve seen manufacturers getting a lot more confident with colours. Now there’s everything from playful pastels to shiny golds.

Show your true colours

Our personalities mean we’re attracted to certain colours. So which colour smartphone is your perfect match?

HTC One M8 pink




Pink phone owners are charming, lovable and affectionate.
Feel pretty in pink with the HTC One M8 (only at Carphone Warehouse)







Nokia Lumia 930 orange




Orange lovers are super-sociable and look to challenge themselves.
You’ll love the Nokia Lumia 930 in Bright Orange.







Samsung Galaxy Note 3 red




Red attracts passionate people who love living life to the full.
Try the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in red







Samsung Galaxy S5 blue




A lover of harmony, you’re reliable, loyal and trustworthy.
You might like the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Electric Blue







Sony Xperia T3 purple




Are you misunderstood? Purple attracts unique, creative people.
The Sony Xperia T3 in purple could be your perfect match







LG G3 gold




Bright, bold and confident, you love showing off.
Show off your bling with the LG G3 in gold