What would you do with £152?


Switch and save with us, and spend your savings on some great accessories and gadgets.
What would you do with £152?

Switching networks with Carphone Warehouse doesn’t just get you a brand spanking new mobile phone and all the calls, texts and data you need. We’ll also save you £152 on average versus going direct to your network.

So what would you do with £152 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend it on our list of the mobile accessories and gadgets you can’t just do without.

Accessories for your phone

Probably the most essential addition to your new phone is our wide range of accessories to keep your phone looking in tip top condition. The most important of these is a case, and, depending on which phone you buy, we have a big range of options.

For the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, check out the new Samsung Clear View case. It’s a folding wallet case, with a clear screen front, which displays the time, notifications, which song’s playing and more. The real trick though, is the fact the case also doubles as an adjustable stand, meaning you can watch things like movies, games, or video chatting hands free.

Insurance for your phone

You invest quite a bit of money in a new phone, so it’s best to make sure, that if something goes wrong, you’ve got the right protection to get you back up and running fast.

Geek Squad Insurance from Carphone Warehouse starts from just £3.99. But it’s not just ordinary mobile phone insurance. The Geek Squad team are on hand 24 hours by phone to help you out with anything that goes wrong with your phone, even if you just want help with a setting. Plus, if you ever lose or break your phone, they’ll have a new phone out to you the next working day.

Hi Res Audio

A great phone demands great headphones, especially considering the number of phones that now feature Hi Res audio. It enhances the audio quality of your music so much, you’ll find yourself noticing detail in your favourite songs you never knew existed.

To experience Hi Res audio at it’s best, you’ll need a really good pair of headphones and a subscription to a streaming service that supports Hi Res.

Our top recommendation for headphones would be Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth headphones or Sony’s new MDR1000X. And Tidal is one of the only music services that supports HI Res audio, although we’re told Apple Music and Spotify will be joining the party soon.

Google Home

Another smart investment is a Google Home speaker. While there are alternatives like Amazon Echo available, Google Home is particularly complementary to your mobile, especially if you use Android and the Chrome browser.

Google Home takes the experience you have with Android Assistant on your mobile, and makes that available to your entire home. The attractive speaker can sit anywhere you like, and it’s activated by the words ‘OK Google’ and a question. Tapping into Google’s vast library of search terms, your Google Home speaker can answer anything from ‘What’s the weather going to be like today’ to ‘What’s the capital of Mozambique’. And you can pair it up with other smart home gadgets you might own, like Philips Hue, so you can ask Google to dim lights, open curtains, turn up or down the heating and much more.

Find out how much we could save you when you switch mobile networks with Carphone Warehouse. Visit your local Carphone Warehouse store, or go to carphonewarehouse.com.

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