Two years on: What's changed since you upgraded?


How much has the smartphone changed in two years?
Two years on: What's changed since you upgraded?

The mobile world: 2015 v 2017

If you’re coming to the end of your two-year smartphone cycle, you’ll be due an upgrade very soon. And you’ve got lots to look forward to, as tech in the smartphone world moves on very quickly.

Let’s take a look at what we were doing in 2015, compared to now…

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge v Samsung Galaxy S8

The S6 edge gave us our first glimpse of curved glass on a smartphone’s display. It was a pretty big jump for mobile having been talked about for so long, and it didn’t just look good, but had functionality too. By swiping in from the side, you could gain speedy access to your favourite contacts and apps, letting you get things done quiker than ever.

Of course, what may have seemed like a vision of the future back then, didn’t prepare us for the sheer beauty of 2017’s Samsung Galaxy S8.

The latest instalment from Samsung features a giant 5.8-inch Quad HD display, but even more impressive than that - the phone itself is no bigger than the S6 edge. It also has a 12MP Dual Pixel camera - for super bright, colourful photos - and there’s a now USB Type-C port, for speedy charging.

Type-C was introduced to the mainstream in 2016, and is a different shape to the usual microUSB you might be used to on Android. It’s symmetrical, so you’ll never get it round the wrong way, and it lets your transfer data - like photos and songs - much quicker than before.

LG G4 v LG G6

LG had some pretty impressive specs on its 2014 flagship, the G4 - like Quad HD resolution on a big screen, and a 16MP camera. And just like Samsung, 2017 was the year LG decided to boost screen size without it affecting the size of the rest of the phone.

The LG G6’s display measures 5.7-inches, and the phone is actually slightly smaller and thinner that it was two years ago. It’s got two lenses on the back, for super wide photos and videos, and you’ll find the same USB technology on board we metioned above.

Sony Xperia Z3+ v Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Back in May 2015, Sony revealed the Xperia Z3+. It had some reputable specs going on, but paled in comparison to the powerhouse Xperia XZ Premium we have today. The most notable update has been to the screen – up from Full HD to incredible 4K HDR.The XZ Premium is the first mobile to ever feature this spec, but that’s not the only thing making headlines.

The new 19MP camera has its own processor, which lets you film video at an awesome 960fps. This basically means you'll be able to film slower slow-motion video than ever before - and even see what the human eye can't. You can check out some of our slow-motion handy work in the XZ Premium hands on.

In conclusion

So, to sum up – this is what you should be looking for in a 2017 smartphone.

  • A large, powerful display. Anything over 5.5-inches and Quad HD should do nicely
  • A decent camera. Check out top five camera phones here
  • A USB Type-C port, for speedy charging
  • Android Nougat – Google’s most up to date OS

Got any questions, or anything to add? Drop us a comment below.

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