Do more with your Galaxy Note8 S Pen


The S Pen is mightier than the stylus…
Do more with your Galaxy Note8 S Pen

A multitasking magic wand, for your smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 lets you do more and see the bigger picture thanks to its large 6.3-inch infinity display. It’s a phone packed with incredible features, but to truly unleash its full potential you should be using the new Samsung S Pen – much more than your average stylus.

Here are some of the amazing things you can do with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Draw your own emojis, and make messaging more fun

Inject more fun into messaging by drawing your own emojis. The S Pen lets you create your own, or customise existing ones. Better still, you can doodle handwritten notes on picture messages with the Live Messaging tool.

Make animated gifs

Make animated gifs from your videos. Use the S Pen’s Smart select tool to select a section of your favourite video to share on social media, or privately among your friends.

Different Strokes

Whether you’re a designer, or you just love to draw, the S Pen encourages you to get more creative and draw anything. With 4,096 pressure levels, you can create fine or broad-brush strokes, with the Pen and screen responding to how hard you’re pressing down.

Save pages, and add notes to them later

Save that interesting article, document, or email for later offline reading, and annotate them with the S Pen.

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Replace your Biro

The 0.7mm tip is fine and precise. It can act just like a regular pen for taking more serious notes during your business meetings, lectures, and more. And if you make a mistake, just press the button on the side to turn the S Pen into an eraser.

Note down daily reminders

Make notes on the Note8’s screen without waking up the device, and pin them to the Always On Display for at-a-glance viewing. It’s handy for shopping lists, and as a reminder to pick up those anniversary flowers.

Translate text in seconds

Translate text without having to copy and paste it into Google. Just highlight the phrase with the Pen, and translate with a tap.

Take a closer look

Use the S Pen to magnify, and get a closer look at some text, a map, or an image to see the finer details without having to pinch to zoom.

Are you thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy Note8? Follow the link to be taken through to Carphone Warehouse's website, and if you've got any questions, drop us a comment below.

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