6 best Google Cardboard apps


How to experience virtual reality without the massive price tag...
6 best Google Cardboard apps

The most affordable virtual reality experience

Virtual reality, or VR, is quickly gaining popularity with the higher-end models like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now on the shelves. Google has its own project running in the background however, letting everyone to experience VR for next to nothing.

The budget Google Cardboard headset uses your phone’s display to project the VR experience into your eyes. This means you don’t need any expensive computers or additional equipment to find out what all the fuss is about.

These are the apps you should be checking out if you’ve got your hands on a Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard

Unsurprisingly, Google has its own app, which is the perfect place to start your VR journey. Beautifully designed and easy to navigate, you’re invited to plant new life, fly alongside seagulls, and fish for digital carp.

Free, Google Inc.

Star Wars

If you can’t get enough of George Lucas’ recently revived Star Wars universe, you’ll love this. Through the app you can experience loads of different journeys with the characters you know, depending on whether you settle on the dark side or the light. Very immersive and enjoyable.

Free, Disney Entertainment

Cedar Point VR

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and feel at home with high-speed adventure, check out Cedar Point’s new VR rollercoaster, Valravn. It’s very realistic, and for a free app it’s one of the best to get your heart racing. We would highly recommend doing this one while you’re sitting down, however, as it’s not unheard of for people to topple over.

Free, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

YouTube 360° video

YouTube’s renowned for its seemingly never-ending library of video content, and that’s true to the VR world, too. The YouTube 360° videos app can be accessed through the usual YouTube app, or as part of the Google Cardboard application. There are loads of stories and adventures to delve into, ranging from fantasy cartoons to horror shorts.

Free, Google Inc.


Vrse is dedicated to cinematic brilliance, telling compelling stories in a new way, and showcasing experiences you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking tale or to lose yourself in a dream space, Vrse is certainly worth a look.

In the above image you can see Chris Milk's Evolution Of Verse, in which a steam train cuts through a lake towards you, exploding into a murmuration of starlings at the last moment.

Free, Vrse

Jaunt VR

Just like Vrse and YouTube 360°, Jaunt has a library of rich, immersive video available for you to check out for free. Jaunt works with a load of big names, so you can look forward to a range of exclusive experiences, from sitting on stage with Paul McCartney to watching Derek Zoolander in a virtual photo shoot. Or as you can see in this photo, Invasion, starring a cute bunny.

Free, JauntVR

Got any questions about Google Cardboard or virtual reality in general? Drop us a comment below.

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