5 of the best new features in iOS 10


iOS 10 is here, so let's look at all the exciting new features in this major upgrade…
5 of the best new features in iOS 10

The tenth version of the iOS operating system is here. It's a major update, with some groundbreaking new features.

Here are five in particular that have caught our eye.

1. A redesigned lockscreen

The lockscreen has been completely revamped, with notifications now broken up into easy-to-read bubbles. You’ll be able to see live updates from apps like Uber, and you’ll also be able to use 3D Touch to carry out hidden actions. For example, a hard press on a calendar invite will let you accept or decline it.

2. A smarter Siri

Siri is iOS’ popular virtual assistant, and she’s now even smarter.

She’s been opened up to developers, which means she’ll be able to interact with third-party apps and carry out lots more useful tasks. So just by speaking to her, you’ll be able to book a restaurant, order a taxi, make a payment, start an exercise routine, make a video call… the possibilities are almost endless.

Siri now has more contextual awareness, meaning she’ll be able to use your data to offer you intelligent suggestions. For example, she’ll be able to scan your incoming messages for dates and times, and recommend events for your calendar. She’ll also be able to suggest automatic replies, such as sending your email address to a friend that asks for it.

3. More interactive Photos

Facial recognition is now a big part of the iOS 10 Photos app. It automatically organises photos of your friends, family members, and virtually anyone else you’ve ever snapped.

There’s also a new ‘Memories’ tool that will create slideshows and video content to help you re-live those memorable events in your life.

4. Handier Maps

Maps is another app that has been opened up to developers for iOS, giving it the potential to be much more useful than previous versions. So for example, if you book a restaurant through an app like Opentable, Maps will provide you with the best route and timings to ensure you’re not late.

Maps will also keep you updated you with useful location-based information time – including the nearest locations with decent Wi-Fi. Very handy indeed.

5. Clearer call information

iOS 10 brings voicemail transcriptions to the Phone app, letting you read your phone messages without having to listen to them from start to finish. It’s now also better at detecting if a call could be spam.

Contact cards have also had a design makeover, so you’ll be able to access the information listed under each contact quicker than even before.

And there’s more. In addition to these five new features, the Messages app has also had a major upgrade on iOS 10.

Read all about it here: 6 ways Messages will change the way you text.

Over to you. Tell us what you think of these big iOS 10 upgrades. Will they make your life easier? Share your comments below.

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