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1 September, 2016
The new Huawei Nova has just been announced. It's a mid range smartphone, packed with load of the great features of it's bigger brother, the Huawei P9
3 February, 2016
Did you know there are free apps that let you donate your phone's spare computer power to fighting cancer, Alzheimer's and more?
20 November, 2015
This week's best downloads according to The Lowdown team, including the Ronaldo documentary, a new Ian Rankin novel, the Adele album, plus more.
13 November, 2015
The Doctor Who Festival kicks off today at ExCel London. To mark the occasion, our downloads this week focus on all things Time Lord.
5 November, 2015
Check out what we think is the best entertainment to download this week - from movies and songs to eBooks and TV shows.
23 October, 2015
With the upcoming release of new Bond film Spectre just days away, here's our James Bond downloads of the week special.
29 September, 2015
Find out all about the new app AmpMe - a handy application that lets you play your music across a range of different devices.
18 September, 2015
Some top downloads that will make your Friday night the best it can be - whether you want to find the perfect bar or best restaurant.
16 September, 2015
With the Rugby World Cup on the horizon, we're taking a look at the best things to download to make the most out of the coming weeks.
10 July, 2015
With Jurassic World in the cinemas, we thought the best way to test the battery life of the best phones would be to watch the other 3 Jurassic Park movies.
2 June, 2015
The brilliant minds at Google have been busy over the past few years dreaming up some exciting new technology. Here's a rundown.
19 May, 2015
Apple is now the world's biggest company. But it's been just 14 years since it opened its first store. Find out how it grew so fast?
19 May, 2015
We take a look at how Sony's great value Xperia M4 Aqua stacks up against a two year old waterproof flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.
28 April, 2015
With S Voice and Google Now on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, it's easy to control your phone with your voice. But which is best?
23 March, 2015
We've finally got our mitts on the HTC One M9, following its announcement at Mobile World Congress. This is what's new and what you can expect

9 October, 2016
Find out what all the symbols on your phone screen actually mean...
3 February, 2017
If you're having problems with your mobile internet connection, here are some tips...
18 May, 2017
Whether you're a selfie lover or a fully-fledged photographer, these are the best...
1 June, 2017
Those videos that automatically play on Facebook and Twitter could be pushing you...
12 November, 2017
Designed with parent and child in mind...